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I said I will come back one more time this Summer. And here I’m. Let’s say good-bye to the #eurosummer2016 by visiting Mykonos one more time before fall.

I really felt in love with Mykonos during my first trip here in June 2016, and I really wanted to come back before the end of the season. So here I’m! Finally back!

Mykonos has this rare capacity of mixing calm and relaxing atmospheres with super exciting and party-animal spots.

I love to relax by the pool with a beautiful sea-view. Mykonos knows how to create a “wow-effect” to its visitants.

I’m not a person who goes out till the morning and party like crazy. Indeed, the day of my arrival, I ordered dinner in the room, and went to bed early.

Just the next day, I went to the downtown around 10 PM to have dinner. That’s it. The streets and bars were full and crowded, Youngsters enjoying the last weeks of the summer.

I don’t like bars or pubs. I like quiet lounges to chill, or at the utmost, if I’m with friends a nice beach club such as the Scorpios, but this one is only good on Thursdays and Sundays.

There is a lot of people who cannot resist partying like crazy in Mykonos, and indeed, I understand: it’s a party island. But I love to enjoy my day, and wasting a beautiful sunny day just to party one night, doesn’t look like a good deal to me.

Today I’m going to the beach. Mykonos is not only a party-island. It’s also a great one for beaches! I will have some fun there!

Have you ever been in Mykonos? How was your experience?

Xx, Melanie

Where I staid: Villa 612, Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos

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