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A Night. Mysterious. Unpredictable. Sensual. Exciting. I could describe by so many words how was my last night in Milano. I really love this city. Stylish and elegant like a runway yet not too big, not too crowded.

For this evening I wore a Maxi dress from Karen Millen,  which was perfect for dinner, and to have a molecular cocktail at the bar of the trendiest hotel in town: the Mandarin Oriental. Indeed, after opening 10 months ago, it was awarded the Best Hotel of Milan by Forbes Magazine, and it’s now The Place to be.

If you follow me on Facebook or Snapchat, you probably saw the incredible  night at the Cavalli Club Milan. However, I do not recommend anyone to wear a maxi for clubbing, like “no! no! no!”

Why? Well it’s only based on my personal experience, but a Maxi makes only sense 1: if it’s cold outside or not hot like summer and 2: if you are going to an elegant social event or place like fine dining.

It was indeed too hot to wear this maxi outside the air conditioned restaurant and bar of the Mandarin. As you probably saw in my last post about my weekend in Milano, I was wearing a short dress which was really perfect to explore the Galleries of Emmanuel and the Duomo and I wore a short dress for the Cavalli Club too.

Some of you asked me if I will be returning this summer to Milano, the answer is most probably! I will for sure be in Venice early September (surprises coming!) which is still summer so I bet I will make a stop to Milano.

Xx, Melanie

Location: Mandarin Oriental, Milan
Wearing: Maxi Dress Karen Millen

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