Born in Paris, France and raised in Portugal, I dropped Law School at 22 to pursue two of my biggest passions in life: travel and writing.

While growing up, I didn’t know exactly what profession I wanted to do, but I knew for sure that traveling and capturing beautiful moments should be an essential part of my life.

I figured that the rest will follow and will ultimately find my path. This path I found it here on my channels thanks to my partner, Diogo, and to all of you.

Since the beginning, my content has been focused on sharing my personal journey as a globetrotter and inspire you to explore more, do more, create more, and live the very best of your life.

3 years later and after 60 countries explored, I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to be the first influencer/blogger to discover North Island – the most exclusive hotel in the world – and collaborate in many digital productions with the most prestigious brands in the Hospitality industry from Four Seasons, Soneva, Six Senses, St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, Relais & Chateaux, Mandarin Oriental, to Peninsula Hotels, and many more.

As I started modeling at 12 years old (I was indeed represented by one of the best model agencies in Portugal doing both runway and campaigns), I continue to work with beauty, cosmetic and fashion brands such as Rosa Clara, Daniel Wellington, Net-A-Porter, LuisaViaRoma, Vanity Planet, Josefinas, etc.

For more information about my work, kindly request my media kit here.

I also continue to enjoy attending fashion shows and events, as you probably saw here and here.

I have been a Panel and Keynote speaker at several summits sharing not only my personal story and journey as an influencer (and ultimately as a digital entrepreneur), but also to discuss personal branding, influence marketing, entrepreneurship, personal development, and more. If you would like to check my last Panel click here.

Even if today someone would ask what is my profession, I couldn’t pick just one: from writer, storyteller, brand consultant, photographer, model, stylist, travel editor to speaker, I’m all of it, but I’m also, and most probably above it all, an eternal crazy soul ready to start new ventures and projects in a heartbeat.

This website (and blog) has been my personal diary to share with you all my experiences, travels, lifestyle, ventures, and more.

From the mysterious land of Morocco, the deserted island of Eleuthera, the ancient Pyramids of Giza, to the frenetic cities of Paris, Tokyo, LA and New York, I hope my stories will inspire you to go out there and start creating yours.

Because in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. But the life in your years.

Melanie Martins
Melanie MartinsMelanie-Mykonos-feature

I’m always looking for the next getaway, adventure, perfect spot, or inspiration, so don’t hesitate to contact me or share with me your own experience leaving a comment below.

Also, feel free to make any question about my blog or about me that you would like to know, this is the right place to ask!

I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

See You Soon!



Author: Melanie Martins
Photography: Diogo Novo


  1. Hi melannie, you are doing a great work and i like the way that you take in your life, but i like most what you said on your blog about having friends and helping people. I am nezha from morocco exactly from Rabat and i’d like to stay in touch with you because i am sharing the same ideas but i am focusing most on helping people to change their life.if you want i’ll give you my email to stay connected.

  2. Hello my princess Melanie
    Really I am so sorry for Disturbance
    I have three question
    The first question is: where are you from?
    The second question is: where do you live?
    The Third question about Do you have a personal Facebook.

    1. No problem at all dear here you go:The first question is: where are you from? I’m from Paris
      The second question is: where do you live? I live in Malta
      The Third question about Do you have a personal Facebook. Yes but I never use it.

    1. Hello my dear Anthéa Leilani 🙂 I want to visit every country on Earth, I did 30, I think there is 195 so a lot yet to be done. But I’m 23, so I believe I can make it. And I would like to develop a consumer app that is useful for the society and used worldwide. After that, I would like to have a fund/VC to invest in non-profit organizations that aim to help the world/society.

    1. I seriously love it! I traveled a lot but it’s hard to find so friendly and warm people. Moroccan are really the best. The country is wonderful, very rich in culture and history, and with a lot of amazing hotels ??

    1. I think a little differently when it comes to romantic love stories, so I’m not the right person to talk about romance. But I believe you can only truly love someone if you already love yourself first. The other person should make you better and make you a better human being, growing your mindset and make you go beyond what you thought it was possible.

  3. Good morning my lovely princess❤❤,i want to ask you about a person because im a madridista…are you in love with cristiano ronaldo or something like that and do you support real madrid or barcelona and the important question is what do you know about moroccan football and what is your preferable team in morocco ?

    1. Hello dear Tuhin, correct I studied law but I didn’t do it my profession. I think you need to be truly passionated about the subject to become a good lawyer. From my side, I did law because I didn’t know what I wanted to be in the future when I was 18, so I did law. 🙂

    1. Hello dear Tamer Mohamed, I think my best moment in life was when I arrived in Rabat very late the 24 December 2015, and a lot of people were awaiting for me at the entrance of the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses. My heart really beat a lot when I saw you guys in real awaiting for me there, was really magical. You guys are really amazing! 🙂

  4. You are my favorite and my beautiful women for models I hope to see you in Morocco if you can and take photos with you ( do you married me hhh ) so visited Grèce it’s expensive or middle because I’m very interested to visited

    1. Depends of the places dear and depends what do you mean by “expensive”. For instance, 150euros per night for Mykonos or Santorini is cheap, but for Athens is expensive. You can visit Greece for as low as 60euros per night, being the most expensive islands Santorini and Mykonos due of their popularity 🙂

    1. I’m a travel editor/blogger so I don’t pay for any hotel I tag 🙂 I just need to pay the flight. My background is in law, however since I love Tech I’m developing a consumer app that will be very useful for everyone. Well apart of Morocco, I think the best place I visited was Santorini and Mykonos, it’s really beautiful!

    1. Actually when I was 8 I had 2 dreams job: I wanted to be a singer and minister for education ahaha, basically I always had these 2 completely distinct aspects of personality: the very artistic/creative part and the very intellectual/rational to help the society.

    1. É muito excitante mas ao mesmo tempo exaustivo: pensa em malas para cá malas para lá, aeroportos, voos, stresses, etc. no entanto quando se chega a um sítio que se gosta é uma experiência única. Em relação ao destino depende: às vezes são amigos meus que estão naquele destino e gostavam que fosse visita-los, outros são voos que estão super baratos para lá. Tento sempre é ir para sítios cénicos, e com boa hotelaria 🙂

  5. Good to see you have this session Mel, i trust all is well, my question is, are you thinking of vlogging or at least some video blogs? Am thinking it should be beautiful, what’s your take?

    1. Hello Nie John! That would be very nice indeed, I would love to do it. I have been doing Livestream as they don’t require any edition but will be great to start vlogging! However my camera seems to be not appropriate for videos and will have to get a new one.

    1. I knew it was a Nikon because the colors are so crisp ! that s the best Lense type you got there for photographing faces and landscapes! Thank you for revealing ur company’s name 🙂 just thought would be nice to ask something new that I Didn t see others asking…it s the journalist in me speaking… all the best for the rest of ur travel adventures

    1. Yes they are most of time! Rarely you find a beautiful woman inside and out like yourself! You bring us happiness with your geniune smile and uplifting messages everyday…I thank you for that?

    1. Salut Said Taimate, je suis née à Paris et j’ai vécu au Portugal pendant quelques années. Mes parents sont reparti à Paris, mais moi j’ai décidé voyager et je me suis installé à Malte 🙂

  6. How you’re beautiful darling? I liked so much this a beautiful photo and ur nice eyes and lovely hair. Love you the best Melanie Martins ❤
    My question is: What is the most beautiful moment in ur life ? I wait ur reply

    1. Hello dear Simo, thank you so much my dear <3 very glad you like. I think my best moment in life was when I arrived in Rabat very late the 24 December 2015, and a lot of people were awaiting for me at the entrance of the Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses. My heart really beat a lot when I saw you guys in real awaiting for me there, was really magical. You guys are really amazing! 🙂

  7. where you from , what you do for a living apart from travelling , which for me is the best hobby in the world , i am maltese you were in Malta what you think about our island , will you come again ? THANKS for the pics =D

    1. Hello dear Paul Brincat, so nice to see someone from Malta here! My residence is actually in Malta 🙂 I love the island, so peaceful and quiet! I love my little routine there when I’m not traveling.
      I’m a travel blogger/editor which allow me to travel a lot, but I’m also building a new Fintech app that I believe will be very useful for everyone around the world. So yes I will come again to malta 🙂

    1. Je pense que c’est la vie, voyager, et l’expérience qui a fait que je suis devenu comme ça. Être positif et aimable n’a que du positif pour tout le monde 🙂

    1. When I was 8 and just moved to Portugal, my mom asked me what I wanted to do when I will be older, I actually replied 2 things: I wanted to be Minister of Education and singer. Basically I always had those 2 sides: intellectual and artistic 🙂 I never thought I will end up doing what I’m doing today as at the time I wasn’t aware of social media but I really love it, and having you guys here is truly amazing! I feel really blessed for that 🙂

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