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Hello my friends! Hope you are doing well!

I’m already missing the vibes of Mykonos. But here I’m back in Athens for only 1 day before to head to Milano next morning. It is indeed a very short stay but I will come back soon as I live close by (for now, I have home in Malta remember?).

Since I was only one day in Athens the first site I wanted to visit was, of course, the famous Acropolis.

I admit, it was really warm. Too warm. We had around 35ºC during the afternoon (I wanted so much to go to the Beach) but my determination to visit this emblematic and historic site was hard to beat!

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The Acropolis is an ancient citadel with many significant ancient buildings (such as the Parthenon – the most famous one), and is located on an extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens with breathtaking city views from the top!

Despite the heat, it was full of tourists and it was pretty hard to take a picture without interfering with someone else shot. Yes summer time means high season we should know that.

But nevertheless I managed to find some amazing spots to shoot with the entire cityscape of Athens (pretty awesome view!). In this shot below you guys can see several ancient monuments: the Theatre of Dionysus (bottom of the photo) and the temple of Zeus (left side – close to my hair) that are also very famous but outside the Acropolis.

Melanie Martins Acropolis

During my afternoon in the Acropolis, Diogo and I made new friends: we met a group of 4 Belgians (2 women and 2 men of around 25 years old)  who shared the same passion for photography and spoke perfectly both French and English!

We spent a good hour talking with them in the middle of the Acropolis. Since we had to go (I wanted to do some shopping and take a shower!) we decided to meet up later this evening in a hotel rooftop lounge that had amazing views to the Acropolis.


I managed to take a photo (despite the darkness), what do you guys think? Pretty nice spot to enjoy a drink no?!

Well my sweeties, time for me to go. Looks like it’s time to take off!

Hope to see you soon Athens!

XX, Melanie

Location: Acropolis of Athens

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  1. “Be grateful” mean “be yourself” and will not be afraind what people can say about you.
    We will remimber your act yours ideas ,,, and not your social position. .It’s all a question of identy , how can we found ourselves ? it could be by thinking ( i think i am ) or by using our memory who can remind US in each time ,,or by our volonte for life that we born with it and we can’t refuses it .
    So Dear Mélanie i think that to be Grateful pass after
    chooseen between “To Be or Not to Be “

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