Ait-Benhaddou. The famous and mysterious Ksar of Ait-Benhaddou. The fortified city along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech never stopped to make the world dream and write about it. In fact, 21 movies and Tv series were recorded in this holy place for the “7ième Art”.I was so happy to finally stand front of this historic monument. It looked like in the movies. Unreal! We had the impression we were back in time. We were finally in a bedouin city.

Just to give you a short explanation: bedouins are an entirely different culture from the moroccan one: they speak a different language, wear different clothes, and descends from nomads who have historically inhabited the Arabian and Syrian deserts. They are traditionally divided into tribes, or clans and share a common culture of herding camels and goats. Today there is around 21million bedouin spread cross North Africa & Middle East.

Diogo and I decided to go and explore the temples and houses, before to climb to the top and watch the sunset from there. A bedouin man from a small shop before the entrance to the fortified city, approached me and convinced me to put a Bedouin headscarf around my head like the traditional bedouins wear, it’s called a Imamah, told me the old man.

Ok let’s play Bedouin style then!

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Have you ever been here or experienced a bedouin site?Let me know!

Xx, Melanie

Location: Ait-Benhaddou, Morocco

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  1. we have in morocco two océans wa have snow in ifran , we have the desert , we have mountains , we have the sun in marrakech . so morocco is the best place in the world <3 welcome melanie 🙂

  2. Boa noite meu anjo….Nós começamos como amigos ! E amigos sempre seremos ,na dor na saudade na alegria , na dor e , talvez ,não talvez não seremos amigos até nos desentendimentos que tivermos se eles vierem .Espero que não.Que eu lhe beije e você me beije todos os dias , com carinho , com palavras , com respeito e admiração.Um beijo não se sela com lábios , mas com sentimentos carinho e respeito.Quem pode e sabe viver isso viverá de eterno amor e gratidão para sempre .Um beijo carinhoso se manda por mensagens e com boas intenções .O beijo pode ser traidor e pode ser traido.Mas a intenção dele sendo verdadeira nunca vai mudar sua direção .A não ser na cabeça de pessoas mal intencionadas .Um beijão com carinho e respeito para você Amizade linda.Sinta ai o beijo de respeito e de grande amor que eu tenho por você meu anjo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nasci em Paris, França, vivi lá até aos meus 8 anos e depois fui viver para Portugal durante 10 anos, e de seguida comecei a viajar muito (fiz uns 40 países até hoje mais ao menos). Por fim, numa das minha viagens me decidi mudar para Malta (ilha perto da Sicilia). E tu? Como falas tão bem português?

    2. Ah que bom , eu sou marroquino 100% ,a verdade fez 2 anos Agora no bresil , aprendi falar sem escola ,eu falo Berbere , Arabe , darija marroquina , frances , ingles , Portugues. Portugues brasileiro pocou deffirant com du Portugal rsrsrs .
      Eu conhece Malta um lugar muito bonito.

  3. Hello Mela, I hope you are enjoying your trip in Morocco, I suggest you to visit:
    Bin el ouidane
    Paradise valley
    Chbika (a breathtaking combination of beach & desert)

    There are so many places I didn’t mention in the above list, let me know when u vist all the suggested places and I will suggest others.
    Have a good night

    1. Except Bin Elouidane near BeniMellalwhich is nestled in a fold of the middle Atlas mountains where you’ll be enjoying some spectacular views over the lake. the rest of places are in the south of Morocco,
      Toubkal or Tubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and in North Africa.
      Legzira Beach and Paradise Valley( Vallée Du Paradis Agadir are near Agadir, you could enjoy a day full of ‘sensations fortes’ trying Agadir Adventure, they have some awesome stuffs 😉
      Chbika and Dakhla are in the deep south of Morocco, while Akchour | Paradis Perdue is in the north side of my lovely country.
      Have a good trip Mela 😀

    1. Me too! Wonderful! It’s so different of everything I have ever seen! I’m really happy I did the High Atlas, I didn’t have much time and went there only for 2 days but I will come back in December and will spend a proper time there 😛

  4. Hola Melanie <3 wonderful place , i think a trip in Morocco is like a trip in different countries , You can observe it from modern to traditional to desert to mountains to beaches ....etc.
    but i think this picture is missing something important that is you :p
    I wish you a wonderful day <3 full of ur fans love and of happiness, Enjoy your time :*

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