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Hello Everyone!

I know it has been a long time since my last post (indeed since November 2015). I owe you guys a big apology! I have been focused on my social media and live videos on facebook and left my blog behind. But I’m finally back!

I decided to give a new fresh look to my website and hope you guys like it! My website is still available in 4 languages (English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish) so you just have to pick the language you want in the menu where it says “English”. However I can’t guarantee that I will keep them as updated as the English version, but I will do my best!

Having my blog back will definitely be a better way to communicate with you guys and give you more attention thru the comment section. Please feel free to make questions, leave your opinion, make recommendations, everything!

My last post was about Chellah in Rabat (Morocco) and I promise I will post all the amazing photos we took in Morocco as we travelled North to South of the country + where we staid and which hotels we recommend!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw that after Morocco, Diogo and I went to Rome and came back to Morocco for a second time. Following to Lisbon for a quick stay of 3 days,  we then visited Cairo (Egypt) and the Pyramids were I met actually a lot of my fans from facebook (we are already 324k)!

My next trip after Egypt was Greece (Santorini, Mykonos, Kos Island, and Athens). The pictures you see above were taken in Oia, one of the most touristic area of Santorini.

After my long stay in Greece, I went to Milano for a weekend followed by one day in Rome for the launch of Bulgari #RaiseYourHands campaign (I snapped the Event: MelanieBlog).

But between all these trips, I have been in Malta where I’m based now, developing another venture you guys will know about very soon!

Santorini First

Santorini was really the first trip I wanted to share with you guys as it’s the perfect destination for summer time and I can’t get enough of recommending this beautiful and romantic island! (I know I’m skipping the others destinations, but I will share them soon!)

I have to admit, I dreamt about this Island since I’m 15 years old! I’m so glad I finally visited it!

In fact, living in Malta makes my life way easier to travel in the Mediterranean: Malta-Athens €19 (yes…the price of the flight was cheaper than the taxi to the airport)! From Athens to Santorini we took a national flight (45mins). However there is also ferries, but I don’t recommend as it takes ages to arrive (5-6 hours)!

Santorini is the most famous of all the Greek Islands and there is several reasons for it! But in 2 words: the View!

The main villages (Oia, Imerovigli, Thera – capital of Santorini) are set in the caldera wall and has the most impressive views to the volcanic islands and to the rest of the caldera. The Sunset is an authentic show and we can’t get enough of screaming “Wow!” (spoiler: blog post about Sunset in Santorini coming soon).

Since the majority of the architecture is white (although the orthodox churches have blue rooftops),  and the streets are white too, I definitely recommend to bring Red outfits (more particularly dresses) as it will make a wonderful contrast on your pictures!

However, you can’t wear heels in Santorini. The streets are very narrow, the majority made of stones, full of stairs, and downhill. Believe me, I tried! The only place where you can wear heels is in the main road of Oia.

When I arrived I was wearing compensated heels which was a real struggle to go down the very narrow stairs of our cave hotel (but I love so much to wear them…).

The name “cave” surprised me, but we were told it was the ancient typical houses where the first inhabitants of the island lived. The majority of the hotels in the caldera are all made of white caves with rounded ceilings.

Cave hotels or “Cave suites” are actually the signature of the island as we haven’t seen any other alike in Mykonos or Kos.

And the big bonus? An incredible infinite pool with the best view to the Aegean sea and Santorini!

After flights and transfers, I was so happy to finally arrive in this wonderful island. Such a dream becoming true! “I’m in heaven! I mean… Santorini!”

Tomorrow will be a long day, I can’t wait to explore this island and capture the most romantic landscapes I have ever seen.

Wish you a great night! And see you tomorrow!

Location: Andronis Luxury Suites, Oia – Santorini
Outfit: Red Dress Karen Millen; Shoes Guess; Handbag Ted Baker; Sunglasses Dolce&Gabbana.
Photography: Diogo Novo

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  1. Des yeux qui brillent comme un diamant où l’on peut voir la mer
    Une chevelure longue au couleur de feu qui vous prend à revers
    Un corps raffiné aux formes dessinées qui vous pousse à rêver
    Des jambes longues au galbe insensé qui semblent vous guider
    Vouloir la regarder s’est déjà s’évader se perdre au fond d’un pré
    Espérant qu’elle sera venir vous chercher pour vous mener ailleurs
    Sur une île isolée bordée d’une mer turquoise qui berce votre cœur

    1. Melanie Martins jokes can make your life longer but at the same time it s true what i was talking about if you keep taking that kind of pictures , somebody will loose his mind then we will take you for responsable , so please slow down!!!

  2. Ah due to Saint -Mélanie we discorve Santorini 🙂
    You have just ligh santorini for US 😉
    Actually Santorin refers to nature , beauty , élégance ,calm … and also to you Dear 😉
    Hhh i ‘m sure that this Grec Island miss you right now ,

  3. Félicitation et je te souhaite bon courage dan ta vie et ton travail. tu est Belle avec le rouge et moi j’adore le rouge et Mélanie et tu est belle toujour jeeeeeeeee t’aime

  4. merci j’ai adorer découvrir ton blog! Merci beaucoup Melanie Martins! Que l’univers tout en entier découvre tes exploits!!!

    1. i think that making an Interactive Background will be more good for the user’s eye + the newest articles you can make them in a main scrolling banner (left to right sroll) will be better than pin it on the top…work on the graphic side of the comment section and make it looks better,

    2. the last thing is : make the pictures as a scrolling album under the article, so the user will read the article first, than he can check them up, not put big pics pinned up

    3. bonus idea : open a youtube channel and makes “Vlogs” about your activities, cuz a lot of people prefers watching vlogs than reading a large article + don’t forget a Q&A video one per month (make a fb post for the fans to ask and answer them later in a special video)

    1. Salut melanie ton chedeuvres a eclater dans le monde entier , tu es devenu une vrais celebrite universel , et j ai un titre pour tes aventures en grece si tu le permis (( les milles nuits de melanie en grece)) et j en suis sure qu il fera la une des premiers pages , tu na qe croire en toi meme et publier ce bookin qu on attend avec impassionce!!!

  5. Oh Congratulation Saint-Melanie 😀
    Really i appreciate this great job that will let someFan like me follow your activities and keep near from you 🙂
    I will be the first one who make question ,suggestion XD
    So are you ready Mélanie Hhh ?

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