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Good Afternoon my friends! Today is #PoolDay (not officially though)! You know that day where you just want to get lazy and chill by the pool with a nice cocktail in hand?

That day or for some that moment, is what I would consider one of the most enjoyable and precious in life.

Water is my favourite element. I feel deeply connected somehow to the sea, and to any place surrounded by water (probably the reason why I don’t mind to live in a island).

For me, #PoolDay is not about parties (in fact, I’m not into crowds), it goes deeper: You can indeed simply relax, drink and have small talks with your acquittance or whoever you meet at the pool. Or, in the contrary, meditate, think about your goals, your dreams, your achievements, and think about how blessed you are (not in religious terms, just being grateful is a positive vibe), thinking deeply is a great detox for any mind!

As a travel blogger, I can’t travel with my beloved ones as often as I would like, but If I could I would definitely pick my good friend Derek Fletcher, who’s a philosopher and meditation teacher in San Francisco, to celebrate #PoolDay with.

Physical distances are nothing when your mind find a perfect match. I love long talks about life, sociology, psychology, global and social issues… I could spend hours talking about it. Not everyone does. But I find comforting to have deeper conversations with minds that understand you and have the same intellect to enjoy it.

Deep conversations are always better by a pool mainly with such views! If I can’t have them, well I will just meditate. Sometimes we are not with our beloved ones or they are just not available, we then have to like the ultimate company remaining: us.

Xx, Melanie

Location: Astra Suites, Imerovigli
Wearing: Black bikini Calzedonia

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  1. Oh no this time you are going to far! XD Who are you? Alice from the wonderland? Blanche neige came to light our world? let me guess melanie the beauty blessed by the lord!!!

  2. Aah and whaat a end ,,,;) you’re very cute Mélanie 🙂 si what’s the program for tommrow i guess that you will leave santorini and go to another island XD emm where ! Can i join you ,, plz send me a ticket XD (i m kidding XD ) hh

  3. والله حيرني بصوارك الجميلة وجسادك الآنيق ولونك الليق انت قمر تظيء على كل العشاق مولاني انا أحبك وتستحق كل التقدير والاحترام I love you Melanie

  4. Wooooow! what a great end!! Really it’s very nice especially with Fruit Cocktail & a wonderful view, and good evening with all the best. Nice photos Melanie, and you’re very pretty. Lovee you the best Melanie ♡♡☆❤

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