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Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are doing well on this Spring break! It’s always hard to start writing a post, don’t you think? Especially when it’s the first post and my very first time writing it. (so nervous!!!)


A first Welcome. Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are doing well on this Spring break! It’s always hard to start writing a post, don’t you think? Especially when it’s the first post and my very first time writing it. (so nervous!!!)But, staying in South Beach (”Miami Beach? South Beach Please!” will say the locals) longer than a week is more than enough of a boost to start sharing my experiences, opinions and travels with all of you 🙂

Actually, I feel honored, super excited and it’s truly a pleasure to do so! I hope you will enjoy this and feel as excited as I was on this journey!

If you have any questions, need any advice or extra info about Miami I will be really glad to help you out. Don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment 🙂

Let the adventure begin!

The Very Bling Bling Dresses in South Beach!

Coming from Paris, inspiration is not what it’s missing when you land in Miami Airport to enjoy the Spring break there.At first glance, Miami is the opposite of Paris in any aspect you can possibly imagine: from culture to fashion, tipping and food.  If I could translate what it feels like walking in South Beach, I would just say: play Dynamite by Taio Cruz and you will get it. Whatever your musical taste, this is the song that best defines the first impression of Miami.

If in Paris the motto “less is more”, in Miami this motto has no rule: “More is definitely More.” More boobs, More money, More luxury, More ostentation, More champagne (yes more champagne), More extravagance…simply More in every possible way.

I found stores I would hardly find in Paris, or in any other place in Europe, selling such shiny, blinged-out, ultra gold and sparkling clothes that I thought (at the beginning only) I surprisingly laughed: I was definitely not in a cheap store but in one of the most upscale stores in South Beach.

Excited? Definitely!  I admit I fell in love with this “Bling Fashion Cult” that embraces this city and its lifestyle.

Actually, to enjoy the very best of Miami Beach there is nothing better than to honor this cult a little bit.  You can’t do this in Paris, the minimalist ultra-classic BCBG Empire would not “allow” you showing off or wearing sky-high platform heels! You might feel so bored because of this!

However, in Miami no barriers will stop you from walking down Ocean Drive with a multicolor Louis Vuitton bag, shorts, sky- high heels and a sky-blue bikini adorned with jewels! No poisoned tongues will chitchat behind your back about your look. Such freedom!

In fact, you may even expect some good comments about the bikini you are wearing, your shoes, your handbag or even take a photo or two with random people and receive some compliments (sounds good, doesn’t it?).

If in Paris you would appear to be too bling-bling, or “doing too much”, in South Beach you would be just perfect! That just feels so good!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Miami

My advice: Have some fun and keep the minimalist and ultra-sober European style in the closet for now.  Do some shopping in Miami or South Beach! Partake of the extravagance too! After all you are in Miami Beach!You will find amazing unique pieces and enjoy some pure moments of fun showing off with your shiny and colorful Diva swimwear!

From Caffé, Beach Bunny to Luli Fama you’ll have unlimited choices on what to wear to the beach, pool and resort.

Need a dress for a special occasion or for a night out?  Go for a Baccio or a Holt, you won’t be disappointed by the beauty, glamour and sophistication of their garments.  But be ready to spend around $350-1,000 depending on what you are looking for (little dirty secret: you can get Baccio and Holt Dresses at 50% off in the Sawgrass Mall shhh…).

Now think about this: How fun would it be to get a Holt Dress and wear it in a club in Paris or any similar city? I bet you would be the Queen of the night! Success guaranteed girls!

The Bling Fashion Cult is honored and displayed in all respected stores. It’s worn in the most exclusive clubs and acclaimed on the high-fashion scene. Wearing a Baccio dress in the streets of Miami is as safe as wearing a Burberry trench in our cold Europe. No judgments, only admiration.

Shoes? They are sacred. Italian or French! You can bring your Rene Caovilla, Giuseppe Zanotti, or Christian Louboutin. They will all look just perfect with your new dress!

With or without heels or decollete, below are the perfect picks for your nights or special occasions in Miami Beach:

Which one do you prefer? Let me know!

Cheers to the Bling Fashion Cult and to Us too! See you very very soon!



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