Hello my dear friends! Welcome to Cannes!

After the Maldives, Diogo and I stayed 2 weeks in Malta while we received our German friends Madeleine & Iqbal.

Since Summer was approaching, we decided to take a 17 days trip (because it’s 2017 eheh) to the French Riviera and finally discover the Southern part of my country.

From Menton to Marseille, we tried to explore as much as possible without forgetting to do some (massive) shopping, enjoy the many beaches and pools, and have some fun along the way.

But during this short stay at home, we found out that our camera body was broken! Total stress!!! Panic on board!!! How could such thing have happened?!

With no time left, we had to go in urgency to Rome, Italy in order to fix it (don’t worry it’s like 1 hour by plane from Malta).

Once in Rome, the camera got fixed within 3 hours thanks to our amazing friend Fabio who runs a little Nikon shop in town.

With the camera working like brand-new and with some hours left before our flight to Nice, we visited again the Vatican and took incredible shots! (I will be sharing a post about the smallest state in the world very soon).

Cannes was our first stop. We stayed at the JW Marriot which is located front of the Baoli Beach and has amazing sea views.

I was really excited to walk around la Croisette, get lost in the old town of Cannes called “le vieux Canne”, and visit the nearby Lérins’ Islands.

Actually, the Lérins’ Islands are 4 different islands that you can visit directly from Cannes: Sainte-Marguerite Island (which is the biggest one) and the only one I had time to visit, has a fortress where, the legend says, the Man in the Iron Mask was held captive (below are some photos taken around the Island).

You can also visit the Saint-Honorat Island where, since the fifth century, has been home to a community of monks living in the Abbey of Lérins which is open to the public and produce amazing wine! On my bucket list for my next time in Cannes!

The 2 smaller and uninhabited ones – Îlot Saint-Ferréol and Îlot de la Tradelière – are not served by ferries so you will have to take a boat to get there.

The water at the Sainte-Marguerite was crystal clear which remembered me Comino Island in Malta.

If there is something I especially loved in Cannes is the magnificent sunset and the Golden hour from the rooftop of the JW Marriot which has the best views you can find to the Croisette!

The vibe is absolutely unique and I couldn’t feel happier to have watched the sunset from their rooftop with Diogo! The rooftop also has a swimming pool so we spent there some great time chilling after a long day exploring the islands and the old town.

Have you ever been to Cannes? Let me know what you thought about the city and how was your experience!

See you very soon!


Where to stay: JW Marriot Cannes
Some places for dining/lunch: JW Grill for Italian/French food and the amazing view to the Croisette; Restaurant Beryte for Lebanese food and late-dining;
Photography: Diogo Novo

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