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Hello Girls! Hope you guys are having fun! After having spent a great day in Miami Beach, we usually go back to our hotel getting ready for dinner and to night out, but a question comes always to our mind: where should I go tonight?

Hello Girls! Hope you guys are having fun! After having spent a great day in Miami Beach, we usually go back to our hotel getting ready for dinner and to night out, but a question comes always to our mind: where should I go tonight? What are the best clubs to night out? I haven’t been in all clubs in Miami Beach, since there is over 100 night clubs, lounges and bars. However having some friends working as Public Relations in the LIV, SET, MOKAI, and MANSION, I have tried some. Above there is a short video recorded with my smartphone just to give you a little insight about how the nightlife looks like (you can display in HQ to optimize the quality – warning: some explicit content). This little video records a night at the LIV Club, Mokai, and Mansion. Of course, everything depend of the night, dj in the house, the environment and your mood!

5 “MUST-KNOW” before night out in Miami Beach:

1. Alcohol, bars and Night Clubs only over 21. Miami Beach is very strict about it, if you aren’t 21, they won’t allow you to get in whatever you say or give. Be ready to have passport or ID with you. The majority of clubs don’t scan it, unless they have serious doubts about the validity of your document.

2. Miami Beach is about Promoters, PRs, and Contacts. The Best Clubs can only be truly enjoyed if you have a bunch of friends with a table, or you know Promoters or Public Relations that can get you in instantly. Around 2 AM (when the club is on its top),  you will see a crowd awaiting front of the door and a very strict doorman. You will think “Oh my gosh! And know?”. Don’t worry! Schedule your nights to the Clubs with promoters or public relations some hours before you get out of your hotel and you will be fine! Promoters are available in any social media, just tweet “Night out in Miami Beach #clubs #miamibeach #party #promoters” and you will get a reply in a wink.

3. More ladies and less gentlemen.  If you intend to night out only with a male companion, some promoters or public relations either won’t see it with good eyes since their intention is to have more ladies in the club than gentlemen, or they will be nice and will let him enter for free but he won’t be allowed to drink from the VIP table unless he pays. The LIV Club for example usually will charge entrance fee around US$ 80 for gentlemen depending of the Promoter. Promoters from the SET, MANSION, MOKAI are usually nicer and they will allow your companion in for free.

4. Dress Code and heels! Miami Beach has this myth of being very strict when it comes to dress codes. And yes! It’s true! You won’t see a lady without heels (unless she is an habituée of the club), a nice dress, perfect hairs and make-up. But I guess it’s alright since gentlemen must be well dressed and elegant too (unless they have a table or they are rappers).

5. Be in the club around 12.30 AM. Promoters will usually ask you to be front the door at 12:30 AM since it’s the beginning of the night and of course, they want to bring people the earliest possible to the club. Don’t get there later than 1 AM if you don’t really know him/her well. To avoid getting late, you can get dinner around 9.30 – 10 PM.


Remember that some nights are better than others, sometimes it will be a big disappointment, and others the best night of your life. Here goes my Review about 3 different Clubs:


Best: Located in the beautiful Fontainebleau Hotel and owned by rapper Jay-Z, this club is a “MUST-SEE” if you go to Miami Beach. A lot of video-clips and a Victoria Secret ad campaign were recorded there. Only beautiful people, and good djs. It’s like a monument of Miami Beach.

Worse: It’s in mid-beach, so you won’t be able to get there just by walking (the majority are in Collins Avenue, South Beach) but you can always get a dinner in the Fontainebleau instead to stay in South Beach.

Cost: US$ 80 for Gentlemen without any drink offered. Free for ladies.


Best: Located in Collins Avenue, this Place is just as crazy as it gets! If you are looking for a crazy party with a lot of dancers, sexy performances, and naughty girls, then this is the place to go! Very very osée! Similar with The Box in London.

Worse: Nothing in particular unless you are not ready for a crazy naughty night.

Cost: $20 with drinks. Free for ladies.


Best: Located in Collins Avenue, this is one of the biggest club (in size) in Miami Beach. There is 2 dancing rooms, a upper area more quiet, an incredible entrance, well this place is like the name: a Mansion! There is very good acrobatics performances and dancers, you won’t get bothered!

Worse: The Club is so so big that it feels a little too impersonal and takes time to gain “soul”. For instance, Mokai is much smaller, so there was a very good vibe in the dance floor much quicker.

Cost: $20 with drinks offered. Free for ladies.

Did you go to any of them ? What was your experience ? Did you go to other clubs ?

I would love to hear from you 🙂



Photography: Diogo Novo

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