Comfy weekend at the Ritz

After San Francisco we decided to go unexpectedly to Hawaii, and after Hawaii, we will be back to SF for a couple more days before flying to Europe.

I know what you are thinking: “Aren’t you jet-lagged with all these flights?” Indeed, and also exhausted. That’s why I took a weekend off before my 6 hours trip to Hawaii in order to relax at the Ritz-Carlton.

They have a special lounge in the Floor number 8 with buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner + all day long food and beverages available at anytime.

Want to eat every hour or take a coffee at any time? Not a problem. I just had to go out of my room that was on the same floor and head to the lounge.

I spent almost 2 days without going out of the hotel! Seriously! But I didn’t need to.

My friends actually came over to visit me instead.

This weekend I invited my dear friend Derek Fletcher to come over. Derek is professor of meditation in SoCali and luckily he was actually in town for a conference.

San Francisco is a stressful city despite what a lot of people think, and it’s important to keep some time off for you far from the noise and rush.

The club lounge was the perfect spot to meet him and we literally spent 5 hours there talking and catching up. I speak with him regularly but nothing beat meeting your friends face-to-face.

The Club Lounge was also I great place to meet other guests in a more casual environment. I even met people from Brazil! The staff was incredibly friendly, always ready to help you in any minor detail.

Sunday afternoon I decided to cross again the golden gate and meet another friend who lives in a wonderful house in Belvedere.

Hawaii here I go!

Location: Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco



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