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Hello my dear friends! Greetings from Kos!

As you guys know, I will be staying during the weekend here before to head to Mykonos.

Located very close to the coast of Turkey in the southeastern of the Aegean Sea, Kos island is the second most popular island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes (meaning literally ‘twelve islands’, however there is nowadays 15 islands + 150 smaller ones and 26 are inhabited).

During the weekend, from Friday to Monday, I will be exploring this beautiful place, homeland of the famous doctor Hippocrates.

Upon arrival at the Aqua Blu Hotel, I got a glass of champagne, some fruits and bakery, and chilled by the pool which actually had stunning views to the Aegean sea, Lambi beach and… to islands! Yes islands! From the pool or the beach, I could already see the neighbouring’ islands near Kos such as Pserimos! Basically, you can rent a jet-ski and visit them during the day and return in the evening!

I admit I love to rest and chill when I arrive in a new place. I love to discover the surrounding areas of the hotel and that are walkable. I’m a big fan of long walks, everything I can do by walk I do. 20 minutes walk? Not a problem!

For me the arrival day or “Check-in day” is all about getting familiar with your new “home” and its surroundings.

Unlike Santorini, Kos is a much flatter island (no Caldera), and with white sandy beaches along the coast (Hello beach walks!).

There is also a village located in the top of the highest point of the island called Zia which has the best traditional Greek restaurant and the best sunsets shows of Kos (reservation made for Saturday night)!

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I know I shouldn’t be sharing this with you guys but when I was chilling by the pool, a mother came to me along with one of the hotel managers and asked if I was “Melanie Martins”, I replied affirmatively and she told me her son was a fan and she would love to take a selfie! I was really surprised! Very happy, of course! But so surprised!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all of you to have been following me across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and here in the blog (sorry Pinterest and Google +), you guys mean really a lot to me!

I really hope I will have the opportunity to meet everyone when I will be visiting your country or region.

Time for me now to sleep, Diogo and I rented a car for tomorrow. We will be discovering the best spots of Kos (so excited!!).

Wish you a good night and see you soon!

Location: Aqua Blu Hotel & Spa, Kos Island
Wearing: Beachwear Calzedonia; Dress Karen Millen

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  1. Fantastic how life is, i have been traveling to Kos and back home again, to Kos again since last year. I been working with refugees! Wonderful that Kos is back in business! Fantastic picture!

    1. There have been and are many who have done a fantastic job this year with the new arrivals. Now it is important to Kos started with tourism again. There, you can do much, Miss Melanie, to show the amazing pictures of you, in Kos scenes. “sell” Kos and other Greek islands, so tourism will start again! Good look in your life!

  2. We are never ready to realiz anything , cuz life is trip we fall then we rise , but we should learn the best from our last experience , determination is the key that you are talking about , when we decide to do something we can do it , all what we got to do is to believe in our selves!!!

  3. ohhhhhhhh loved to know that you are famous even in a remote island in Greece! That’s normal! You are wonderful, kind and make us live incredible experiences! Enjoy Melanie!

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