After Conrad, it was time to take another flight. Not to leave the Maldives, nope. But to run South in direction of another Atoll. An Atoll even further South called Dhaalu.Between perfectly white sandy beaches and breathtaking warm sunsets, there is an Island where pool parties and happiness never end! Welcome to Kandima! Welcome to Anything But Ordinary!

I was lucky enough to go there for the big opening party of this new Maldivian Jewel. We went there for 6 days attending the white party (Opening one) and be among the very first guests to be on the island! Oh cool is that?!

Kandima’s concept is likely to be very similar to Mykonos: they have plenty of entertaining activities, pool and beach parties, a lot of animations, “Aquaholics” (water sports center), and even an Art center (let’s also call it Artholics)!

Since it was the hotel opening, there were only the invited guests so we quickly made new friends from Dubai and UK which was really cool!

Unfortunately, not all the restaurants of the Island were opened, so we ended up eating lunch and dinner practically every day in the same buffet-style restaurant, nevertheless, the food was great and the staff beyond amazing!

Below are some of my photo-memories of the newly opened Kandima:

I stayed in an Ocean Pool villa with incredible views (as you can see above)! In the morning, when I was brushing my teeth, I even saw dolphins from the window of my bathroom!

Kandima is the perfect destination for having fun with your friends and we definitely had a bless! It’s a magical destination that has a lot of potentials to become the Maldivian Mykonos.

Catch you guys soon!


Property: Kandima Maldives
Photographer: Diogo Novo

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