LA. The city of Angeles. Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, I mean… You get the idea! LA is THE city I couldn’t wait to visit!

After 30 days visiting French Polynesia (you can check my Odyssey across the Society Islands here), Diogo and I decided to visit LA for a week before heading back to Europe with Norwegian Airline.

As you might know, Los Angeles is one of the biggest and largest cities in the world!

There is over 30 millions people living in Greater Los Angeles area, and believe me, you’ll definitely need to rent a car if you want to get around! Heading to Hollywood Boulevard? Probably a 25-30 mins ride from you hotel.

Each area or neighborhood in LA is at a driving distance, which it feels more like an agglomerate of small cities.

We decided to stay in 3 different areas (or neighborhood): Downtown LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


We stayed first at the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles (did you see the instal-stories of the amazing residence we got?), which is precisely just front of the famous Staples Center (think Leakers game), LA Convention Center (think Grammys, Emmys, etc.), and very well located for those who want to visit the downtown of Los Angeles.

Since we got a big dining and living room, we decided to invite Madeleine and Iqbal over (which were actually in LA at the same time) in order to celebrate Madeleine’s birthday.

I prepared a very nice surprise dinner for her with Champagne, fruits, Tacos, pizza and salad accompanied with a chilling Bossa Nova playlist. It was so nice to meet them again!

It’s pretty fun how we catch up across the globe without planning: first in the Maldives, then in Malta and now in LA!

Our home away from home have probably the best sunsets in downtown!

Look above how incredible the view is around 6:30pm! I’m in love!

During our second day in LA, Diogo and I headed to San Marino to catch up with Susan for lunch at the Julienne Restaurant. Susan has been living in LA for over 30 years and know pretty much everything here!

We spent the afternoon visiting some landmarks such as the Langham Hotel, and the Huntington Library.

At night, we headed to the Griffith Observatory (featured in La La Land movie) to observe the most insane views to all LA!


After 2 nights at the Ritz-Carlton Downtown LA, Diogo and I headed to the iconic landmark of Hollywood: the Roosevelt Hollywood Hotel located right in the Walk of Fame and front of the well-known Chinese Theater and Thrussaud Museum.

This is the perfect hotel to stay if you want to visit Hollywood most famous sights at a walking distance such as Hollywood Boulevard, walk of fame, Chinese Theater, Thrussaud Museum, Universal Studios, etc.

From downtown LA to Hollywood is around 25-30mins ride depending on traffic.

We spent only 1 night in Hollywood and headed the next day to Beverly Hills.


Beverly Hills don’t need introduction: is the cleanest, prettiest and most expensive area in Los Angeles along with Bel-Air (which is just next to BH). Interestingly, Beverly Hills is an independent community – which means is not part of Los Angeles’ city despite the fact is located in LA.

We staid in 2 different hotels that I was dying to try out: the landmark Beverly Hills Hotel and the modern suites-only Viceroy l’Ermitage Beverly Hills.

Diogo and I fell totally in love with BH! It’s really the cutest neighborhood we have been in LA. From the clean streets, to the nice looking crowd, we didn’t get disappointed!

In fact, I understand now why so many celebrities choose to live here.

Rooftop pools are a very popular spot for sunny afternoons. In fact, at the pool of the Viceroy we even saw Michael Kelly from House of Cards.

For our last night, we went to the Winny’s Beverly Hills restaurant with my dear friend Aryeh – a A-list lawyer in LA.

This restaurant is THE spot if you want to see the best crowd in town: women and men were literally dressed to impress! From Ferraris to Roll Royces at the entrance, to Gucci dresses and Jimmy Choo walking around, anyway…you get the idea.

I mean… with bottle of wines starting at $190 going to the easy $3,500 it’s not for every pocket! It’s a fun experience and I will totally recommend it, just be prepared to leave some money there.


Santa Monica is a beach area with pretty nice hotels along the coastline (the LA coastline starts with Malibu in the north, then Santa Monica, followed by Venice Beach, and finally Marina Del Rey in the South near LAX airport).

We didn’t stay in Santa Monica (maybe next time) however we went to its famous Pier just to watch the sunset as they told us it was the best hour to go! In fact we were not disappointed!

For our very first trip to LA we opted to spend our time catching up with friends and make new ones, do some shopping, walk around downtown and Beverly Hills, go to the Art District to take the must wings shot, watch some great sunsets in Santa Monica, and of course, discover a lot of nice vegan restaurants!

I’m a big fan of Cafe Gratitude and I couldn’t recommend enough this affordable yet minimal and trendy place!

Have you ever been in LA? If yes, did you enjoy it? Let me know how was your experience below!


Photography: Diogo Novo
We flew with: Norwegian Airline
Where we staid: The Ritz-Carlton Downtown LA, most incredible views of LA; the Beverly Hills Hotel, a landmark of the Golden Age of Hollywood; Viceroy l’Ermitage Beverly Hills – a modern luxury suites-only accommodation and vast dressing room with a pretty cool rooftop pool.

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