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Ouarzazate – the studio city of Morocco. This magical village, situated in the middle of the Sahara and Atlas Mountain, gives direct access to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Aït Benhaddou – the fortified Ksar – where 7 movies have been recorded there contributing to the rich history of Hollywood.

After leaving very early Casablanca, we didn’t stay in Marrakesh (nope!) we decided to drive more than 5 hours non-stop and take the very risky Atlas mountain road in direction to the Saharan village of Ouarzazate (crazy!). More crazy is that we staid only 1 night there as we were very tight on schedules and had to be next day evening in Marrakesh.

But I was so curious to visit the famous Ait Benhaddou, that we did not only take the risk to go there but also drove on the very high-altitude roads of the Atlas mountain in the middle of the nigh (during more than 2hours!).

We arrived around 1 AM in our hotel in Ouarzazate. No need to say how amazingly friendly the staff and the hotel manager were as they came directly to welcome us, take our luggage, gave us some food and drinks, and accompanied us directly to our amazing suite that actually had a name: the Royal Cleopatra Suite. “Because at the end, a Queen deserves a suite with its name on it, right?” told me the manager – we both laugh and I couldn’t thank him enough for his incredible generosity and patience at such late hours.

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The entire hotel was magically decorated reproducing the architecture of the movies produced locally. From the lobby to its incredible Egyptian-inspired walls, I would really have loved to spend more time there. This hotel was so unique in terms of design, plus it has only 7 suites, so it really felt like home and with a lot of privacy.

But for now, I had to get some sleep as the next day we had more 30 minutes road to get to the Bedouin Ksar.

Can’t wait to share with you my experience at Aït Benhaddou my friends!

Have you ever been in Ouarzazate or in the Sahara region? How was your experience? Let me know below!

Xx, Melanie

Location: Hotel Temple Des Arts, Ouarzazate

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