LUX* South Ari

It feels so good to be here in the Maldives. The vibe is wonderful! But what is even more wonderful is the Beach Rouge at the Lux* South Ari Atoll who openly tell us to “Celebrate Life!”.Indeed, are you celebrating life? How? We tend to forget to truly “celebrate life” and get lost in our busy routines. But if not now, when?

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start doing what really matters to you, or be with those you love the most!

Being here in the Maldives made me think how my personality shaped me and my path.

I never had any interest in corporate jobs and their related careers. Big executive titles like “CEO”, “Managing Director” or “Work Worshipper” (as I like to call them) never inspired me. Possessing a 15 bedroom villa or a Ferrari either.

I was lucky enough to know pretty early who I did NOT want to be.

I was 16 and my favorite class was Philosophy. I always loved a good challenging debate. Discussing the meaning of life, happiness, what does matter to you, etc.

Those are the most important questions you need to ask yourself. The answers are Key to your personal fulfillment and happiness.

I knew by then I wanted to do something different. But what? At the time, I thought about pursuing movie production.

Social media or blogging was not really on my mind, but I knew my goal was to inspire and empower people positively thru digital content.

My parents went nuts -literally – when I announced them I will enroll in a digital production course in Lisbon once graduating from High School. “From what would you live?”, “You are not in Hollywood! There is nothing for you here.”, “You don’t even speak English.”, those were not only their concerns and insecurities but also mines.

Ultimately, those insecurities led me to go to Law School – a secure degree for a secure life.

2 years later I dropped college. I was feeling frustrated, unfit, and that I was loosing my time. There is nothing worse than not feeling fulfilled by what you do and waking up every morning uninspired by your own journey.

Today, 8 years since my Philosophy classes and 4 since I dropped college,  I’m writing this here at the Maldives, the feet on the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, watching another beautiful sunset, and simply “Celebrating Life”.

Life is short, they say. But if you live it with purpose and fulfillment, One is enough.

You already have wings. All you need is taking the risk to fly!

By the 3rd day here at the Lux South Ari, I gave an interview for the VVIP Program hosted by Ahmed Anoosh on Raajje Tv (a Maldivian Channel) precisely talking about social media, the power of your own Brand, future projects, and much more! I will be sharing the interview very soon!  Can’t wait!

After a magical stay at the Lux South Ari and the Maldives,  it was time to leave this wonderful country and go back to San Francisco (with a one-day stopover in Hong Kong). I can hear you! Still San Francisco? Yes, I will actually spend one more week there and then back to Europe.See you guys very soon!


Photography: Diogo Novo
Hotel: Lux* South Ari Atoll 

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