After Èze, we went directly to Marseille in order to spend the weekend there and assist to the French-Moroccan Event “Des Livres, Des Stars” where my great friend and fashion designer, Amine Mrani, was participating thru a caftan show.The Event featured many French celebrities such as Stéphane Plaza, Michel Drucker, Gérard Jugnot, Dominique Besnehard, Enrico Macias, etc.

Diogo and I spent the day visiting Marseille and some iconic sightseeing (and also to do some shopping) such as Notre-Dame de La Garde. At night, we assisted to the Moroccan gala hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel de Dieu where all the personalities above mentioned joined.

During the dinner, Amine Mrani and many other designers presented their caftan collection under traditional Moroccan music.

It was my very first time in Marseille,  I will definitely remember the blue shades of the Vieux port, the strong sunlight, the stunning view from Notre-Dame de La Garde, the amazing breakfast at the Intercontinental, and how hot it was!

Marseille is the second biggest city in France and the oldest one, so obviously it’s full of history and there are many many monuments, museums, and churches to visit.

Marseille is totally safe. I can’t understand why the city has such a rough reputation. If you don’t go to the Ghetto, you will be totally fine anywhere in the downtown and touristic areas.

Now, it is accurate that “les Marseillais” are a bit rustic compared with the sophisticated and charming French Riviera. I could feel it in the service industry and hospitality overall. Nevertheless, I met many friendly and warm people which usually characterize les Marseillais!

Being Vegan, it was a bit hard to find vegetarian-friendly places that were open all day. The majority closes from 2 – 7 PM so if you want to get lunch at 3 PM forget it. You need to adjust yourself to the Marseille’ lifestyle, not the other way around.

I admit there were so much more to visit and explore! But the heat made it difficult to be all the time outside. I totally recommend visiting Marseille maybe a bit earlier than late June.

Have you ever been to Marseille? How was your experience? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section below!


Photography: Diogo Novo
Outfit: Dress from Orsay ; White Sandals from Tommy Hilfiger.

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