It’s almost this time of the year again.

For the majority, 31st December is synonym with NYE and crazy parties, but for me it only means I’m getting older.

To avoid thinking about the negative side of getting older, I treat each birthday as Unique as possible.

Each new age I get, I celebrate it with Happiness and Uniqueness!

Unlike those who treat their birthday as one more day of their life, I take mine very seriously!

So seriously that I start celebrating it sometimes 15 days to 1 month before the actual date, and have cake the 30th and 31st!

I won’t have 19, 20, 21, 22 or 23 anymore, so I try to make this time of the year, which is also NYE, the most memorable possible!

My first rule: New Age, New Destination!

I have been celebrating my last 6 birthdays (since my 18th) in totally different destinations, environments, and with completely different group of friends, making all of them not only truly Unique but also Unforgettable!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any proper photos from my 18th birthday, so I will pay a tribute to my last 5 ones:

19th Birthday – Miami Beach, USA


Yes… Miami Beach. You read it right. I admit it was a mistake to go there to celebrate NYE and my 19th birthday.

If you are under 21 in the USA, forget clubbing and bars as you are only allowed to enter at that age (unless you have a fake ID).

Coming from Portugal, I had no idea about this rule and my goal was obviously to party at the LIV club, Amnesia, Mansion, etc. like I did with all my last 5 birthdays (14-18).

You couldn’t imagine my face when the doorman asked my ID Card to check my age and denied me access to the club!

Fortunately, I had decided to be 3 days in Miami Beach followed by 10 days in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) finishing with Key West and Miami Beach again for the 31.

In Mexico you can enter at 16 in Bars and 18 in nightclubs like Europe, so I was very happy with my decision to spend most of the time there! I even got an Advanced PADI Course and became a diver!

I spent the 31st December in Key West and came back to Miami Beach for the countdown, I watched the fireworks in South Beach and went to the lobby of the Fontainebleau Hotel since they were hosting a party there but as expected I couldn’t get inside the LIV club (with Eric Morillo as Dj).

I spent the 1st January in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) waiting for my flight to go back to Portugal.

20th Birthday – Cozumel, Mexico

cozumelimg_6717cozumel2melanie-divingimg_2202img_2298 img_5374

This year I was back to the wonderful State of Quinta Roo (Mexico) for more 10 days of adventures, diving experiences, and discoveries (from 20-30 Dec).

Despite the fact that I was not yet a travel blogger, our divemaster brought his DSLR to take wonderful underwater shots. Thank You Charlie!

This time, I came back to Portugal the 31st morning to take my two “long-time-no-see” besties (Maria & Filipe) and spend the countdown in Vigo, Galiza’s capital city (in Spain), famous for its endless parties!

21st Birthday – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


I was completely in love with Mexico.

After 2 successful Christmas there, each time I could travel (at the time I was not yet a travel blogger) I would go there again and over again.

We had not only cheap flights from Portugal or Madrid but the Resorts were all-inclusive!

I had already my squad of local friends and divers, and I was seriously in love with Playa, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and all the Caribbean coast. I even considered to move there!

I spent the first night of my birthday (the night before NYE) at the famous Coco Bongo Club, Playa.

This club, my friends, is only The Best Club in the World!

So why I never went there before? Well, because the entrance is $80 per person! But this time, we gave it a try! And seriously, I spent the most amazing clubbing night ever! “It’s even better than Vegas!” told me some of the guests from California.

Well, until now, I have to admit, I never experienced better!

We landed the evening of the 31st December in Porto and spent the countdown at the luxurious Tiara Hotel with Diogo’s family and friends.

22nd Birthday – Caribbean Sea, Princess Cruise


We spent first some days in Miami Beach as I could FINALLY enter in nightclubs and bars (see my story about Miami Beach nightlife here)!

Then, we went to Fort Lauderdale to get onboard of the Magnificent Royal Princess for a 25 days cruise across the Caribbean Islands!

Diogo and I really had a blast visiting many Caribbean Islands for Christmas, NYE and my birthday such as the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Aruba, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, and Dominica (we should have done St. Kitts & Nevis but due to weather conditions, the boat couldn’t enter in the Port).

During NYE, I was far away from my friends, but we made new ones on-board and spent really a great time watching the firework from the deck!

The dress you see above was purchased at Holt Miami as soon as I arrived in South Beach!

My 22th Birthday was the most extravagant and glamorous of them all. As a formal dress code was mandatory for the Réveillon onboard of the Royal Princess, everyone was looking really great!

To see all the photos about my 22th Birthday click here.

23rd Birthday – Marrakesh, Morocco

birthday4 birthday3birthday5birthday6birthday3nye2016

My last birthday was celebrated at the wonderful Domaine Royal Palm, Marrakesh.

I was doing a long trip of 3 weeks: starting from Rome (which I staid 3 days), I landed in Rabat for Christmas and visited Morocco from North to South including a 2nd visit to Fes.

I’m very happy I managed to plan a nice party at the Royal Palm with all my local friends including Fatima Zahra, Miss Morocco and Youssef Hayoun, Moroccan Actor.

Unlike my very glamourous 22th Birthday, this one was more casual where I spent the afternoon with my friends followed by a more formal Réveillon wearing a Traditional Moroccan Kaftan.

The Moroccan finest pastry “Amandine Marrakesh” made 2 wonderful cakes who represented my collaboration with the Kaftan designer Amine Mrani and the first year of my blog! How cool is that? To see all the photos about my 23th Birthday click here.

24th Birthday – ?

Can you guess where I will spend my 24th Birthday? One thing I can tell you it’s gonna be the most Memorable of them all!

See you soon,


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