My Greek trip couldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a getaway in the renowned island of Mykonos.

After my weekend in Kos, it was time to finally discover the island who never sleeps and that is well known for its glamour, high-end brands shopping, white-sandy beaches, and parties!

Welcome to Mykonos my friends!

Being Mykonos synonym with high-end vacations, my experience in the Island couldn’t start better than discovering the very first 5 star hotel established in Mykonos: the Santa Marina Resort.

It’s not only the first 5 star in the island pioneering the luxury hospitality here, but also the only hotel with a private beach in Mykonos having the Buddha-Bar located right there!

After a quick check-in and “lunch” (eating at 4 PM), we took the hotel transfer to the little town of Mykonos just 1 hour before the sunset which was enough to walk a bit around.

12File_001 (18)File_000 (61)

Getting lost in the little tiny streets white and blue of Mykonos was magical! The summer vibes were well present. People were dancing in the streets, enjoying the music surrounding them, others simply chilling with a cocktail at one of the many terraces.

But what I really loved and got positively impressed was how charismatic and traditional the town remained even after hosting so many tourists every year. It is a perfect harmony of whites, blue and reds.

The Town was full of small shops from the typical souvenir house to Louis Vuitton, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, and so many more!

In fact, I discovered several Greek designers in one of those corner shops. After 1 hour trying the entire boutique, I got 2 wonderful white dresses perfect for my stay in Mykonos.

If there is one thing that Mykonos (or any other Greek island) is well known for is definitely its sunset! I recommend to head to the Little Venice, take a seat in one of their front-row lounges/bars and enjoy the show along with a cocktail in the hand, the result? Something like this:

mykonos-200015File_008 (2)mykonos2-2000mykonos-3-2000DSC_6472_mini

The famous windmills of Mykonos actually can be visited inside. I didn’t know that! Check out Lena’s House Museum!

After dining at town and some shopping (see below the amazing greek white dresses I got!), we came back to the hotel around midnight.

For Mykonos lifestyle, it’s pretty early! Indeed, Mykonos is well known for its endless parties at Cavo Paradiso, but I wanted to enjoy my day, mainly my morning and my beautiful villa with private pool and sea-view (hope you followed everything on snapchat: MelanieBlog)!


Good Morning my friends! Such a beautiful day! Isn’t it? When I travel, I love to wake up early. Very early! At 7 AM when the breakfast opens, I’m like the first person showing off (in Mexico, if the breakie opens at 6AM I’m there at 6AM or even before and I wait in the queue, yeah it’s pathetic I know).

Unless I went to bed around 4-5 AM, I try always to wake up around 7 AM to enjoy my day at the fullest.

After an energizing breakie, I could only think about… the beach! Of course, at 8 AM, the private beach of Santa Marina was entirely mine!


2 Hours after, we decided to take a boat and explore the coastline of Mykonos (if you didn’t see it on my snapchat, click here to watch the live taken from the boat and in the middle of the sea).


Our captain gave us endless recommendations for our next visit: from the Paradise beach to the Super Paradise beach (very crowded party spots). In Mykonos the lifestyle is clear: it is an island to enjoy, live, chill, and repeat.

After a great hour sailing around the island, it was lunch time at the Buddha Bar Restaurant! As you may have seen on my snapchat, the restaurant and lounge are directly lying on the beach so you have an open terrace with an extraordinary view!

What to do during the day? Well, You have several options:

  • There is over 30 beaches in Mykonos! And beaches for every taste! From the beach-party located in Paradise and Super Paradise beach to the gay-friendly and nude-friendly at Elia Beach, or the family-friendly Platis Gialos;
  • Discover Delos (the UNESCO World Heritage Island in a one-day tour) ;
  • Rent a boat and spend your day sailing to discover hidden gems and chill away of the civilisation;
  • If you are staying at the Santa Marina, you can enjoy the private beach, the swimming pool, your private pool if you have a villa, or sail with the hotel’s boat.

Well, you guessed right. I picked the last option.

3File_000 (55)IMG_2562File_000 (64)_mini

Santa Marina offers everything you are looking for in one location: from sailing, chilling by the beach, enjoying a relaxing massage at the spa, swimming naked in your private pool without anyone staring at you, or for a more social and fun environment: enjoying a cocktail by the hotel pool where you have music, a nice lounge, nice people and a breathtaking view to the sea, or else you can go directly to the Buddha Bar where you have the best Asian fusion cuisine of the Island!

Since I was staying only 3 days, I preferred to enjoy what I had close by. And I didn’t regret it!

By evening, instead of going again to the Little Venice and town, I opted to have dinner at the Buddha-Bar.

File_000 (54)File_001 (20)

The next day, we had the pleasure to meet the owner of the Santa Marina, Christine, daughter of the hotel founder. We enjoyed a iced cappuccino by the hotel’s pool with her, shared many stories about our travels, and so did she from her childhood in Mykonos, to the people who passed by the Santa Marina, to her father.

It was a great moment! Thank you Christine for your friendliness!

My dear friends, it’s time to say goodbye to Mykonos and take off back to Athens. I will still come back to this island soon! I’m sure! There is too many beaches to try and to many good stories to create here!


Photography: Diogo Novo
Where I staid: Santa Marina Resort, Mykonos

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    Dove getto Jericho puzzava
    Qualora non paura o pericolo
    Non vederci come gli occhi umani
    Dove nessuno lì ..
    I .. si .. e la luna

  2. Good Morning My Melanie ❤ I’m good and glad, and u? but, u show u’re happy, and that’s very good.(Wooooooooooooooooooooow) I liked these photos so much, it’s not only in a wonderful place with a stunning view, but with who I like the most, I wish you a happy day full of happiness and with best wishes ❤ the best Melanie

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  4. It’s hard to collaborate two great people in one pic 😉 Saint Mélanie you’re taking pic with one of the attractive person in thé world ,, if Buddah was allive it would being happy for this moment, So Mélanie any quote from Buddàh to remind XD ?

    1. Ahah When I read your comment I thought “this guy is amazing!” Always so creative! Yes of course “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ??

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