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Good Morning my friends! Have you ever wondered how does it look like a day in Oia? Well this was my very first one! In Malta, it’s very hard to wake up early. Seriously, the Maltese Island has such a lazy vibe that is very contagious! But here in Oia (Santorini), I woke up at the same time than Mr. Sunrise!Indeed, at 6 AM I woke up and didn’t wait a second to prepare my camera and shoot the sunrise from my terrace at the Andronis Luxury Suites. Such a wonderful moment! I could see the fishermen boats lying on the sea, the breakfast terrace had nobody yet, and the pool was empty. I bet everyone was still sleeping. Well not me!

One hour later, I was actually the very first to take my breakie at the terrace and the sun was already pretty harsh (Hello Sun blocker). Yes, I do use sun blocker meaning I don’t tan (or at least I reduce the lobster effect).

Being naturally very white (not like white-milk but white-pinkish) I either tan well or become a lobster and sometimes even half half: some areas I’m tanned and others I’m lobster. So I decided to use very strong protection. I could tan a little but never enough to show off I went on vacation or to a sunny island (I mean, I already live in a sunny island…).

After the breakie, I really felt I had to switch clothes from a white/black dress to a Blue one (you know how much I love dresses right…) and indeed I was very happy with my choice. What do you guys think?

I spent the day walking around Oia and exploring the narrow streets of the town and its hidden gems. Santorini has such a precious calm and peaceful vibe I couldn’t describe. A beauty we can only feel (watch my live video to discover more here).

Some people took a boat and went to the volcanic island which was as well something I considered to do, others snorkel and diving. But for me, first day in a new place means walking, walking, and walking! I don’t take guides, I love to take my time, discover place by place and just getting lost. I quickly understood group visits/tours or museums were not my thing either.

I take my time to admire the view, take my photos, check the local stores (even if I don’t purchase anything,  it actually became a rule), stop in a nice spot to take an ice cream, cappuccino or juice. I love to make my own tour which actually is a simple “let’s walk around and see what we will find out”.

Hope you enjoyed some of the landscapes I took from the caldera in Oia. During the morning we had an incredible blue sky but around 3-4PM, the sky got bright grey instead of blue. But nevertheless, I loved Oia and its white architecture, its irresistible traditional houses and orthodox churches.

Oh btw! I switched from heels to black flat sandals, don’t worry, I wasn’t exploring Santorini like that, I just wore heels inside the hotel. As mentioned before, I really recommend to bring flat sandals with you (or sneakers)! Since I’m short (ok… 173cm, but still…) I love to wear heels each time I can or when there is any social occasion. They also make me feel slimmer and more confident.

After a full day walking around Oia, I came back to the hotel and chilled on my private jacuzzi located in the terrace. The water was so hot, I just loved it (in fact, I hate when the water of a jacuzzi is neither hot or cold, just like so-so. Jacuzzis are meant to be hot! Really Hot!).

I was so relaxed (you know that feeling where you are ready to lay down and sleep) that I didn’t have the adrenaline to go out, so I ordered a sandwich from the room service and ate it on the terrace. The view was so extraordinary that I’m sure I wouldn’t have had better in a restaurant (last 2 pictures).

Well my sweeties, time for me to go to bed and wish to all a good night! Tomorrow is another day, and more to explore and do!

See you soon!

Xoxo, Melanie

Location: Oia & Andronis Luxury Suites
Photography: Diogo Novo

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  1. Melanie in the wonderland that s my title for to day , melanie the rose that s all what i can say, melanie is the light which can show you the way , melanie is here she is inviting us to stay , melanie is blessing the greece so go to church and do your pray!!!

  2. Bonjour Melanie. Vous avez un nom portugais. Martins. Vous êtes la fille du portugais?
    Comme vous pouvez le voir, mon nom est Carlos. Je suis un pilote de chasse et je suis actuellement en mission en Lituanie.
    Si vous le souhaitez, me parler. Je serai heureux.
    Au revoir jusqu’à ce que vous voulez

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