Hello my dear Friends! Greetings from Old Cairo!

First of all, I want to sincerely apologise for the low-quality of the photographs above taken but since we were accompanied with friends we didn’t want to take our big DSLR in order to avoid taking pictures the entire night taking pictures.

So we left the heavy camera at the hotel, and when we arrived at the old Cairo we realised we should have taken the camera anyway!

This area of Cairo is so-named “Old” as it contains the remains of the ancient Roman fortress of Babylon and also overlaps the original site of Fustat, the first Arab settlement in Egypt (7th century AD) being the predecessor of later Cairo.

You can reach the old Cairo only by walk and go preferentially during the night since it’s much more magical to walk around after dinner!

The architecture and entire city was so different compared to the modern and cosmopolitan Cairo that we couldn’t stop taking pictures, videos and share it all on Snapchat and Facebook despite our iPhone nocturne poor-quality!

I love the relaxing vibe of old Cairo and its emblematic coffee shop the El-Fishawi – a “must-visit” for its great Shisha and mint tea.

I promise next time I will take proper pictures with my DSLR but I had to give you at least a little update about my week here in Cairo 🙂

Tomorrow is my last day and that means I will finally visit the Pyramids! Can’t wait!

See you soon!


Location: Old Cairo

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