There is no color that defines happiness, but if there was one, mine would be Pink. Pink like the walls of these houses from the historic city who stands on a Rocky Island called Monemvasia.

After our Thermal weekend, we took a flight back to Athens.

Once there, we had a driver waiting for us, but this time we will be going to the very south of Greece, in the Peloponnese region, 1 hour after the city of Sparta (where the movie 300 was made).

Just to give you a little background about this historical region, according to lonely planet “It is here that Hercules fought the Nemean lion and gods walked the earth, meddling in mortal affairs; it’s from here that Paris of Troy eloped with Helen and the Argonauts set sail in search of the Golden Fleece. Celestial and mythological charms aside, this region bears tangible traces of the many civilizations that once called it home, witnessed in its classical temples, Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine cities, and Ottoman, Frankish and Venetian fortresses.”

After 4 hours of intense drive, we finally arrived late evening in the beautiful country-side mansion of Kinsterna.

Kinsterna is as rich in history as its own region. Indeed, the property is a restored mansion built around a cistern in the middle of a lush olive and citrus grove near the Byzantine fortress of Monemvasia.

Originally built in the late 18th century, some parts of the building date back to the 13th century!

If you guys follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (MelanieBlog) you probably saw how this property can be considered the best kept-secret of Greece.

The dinner area was held in the open patio full of candles. The weather was so amazing! It was a real blast having dinner outside. Even the sky was full of stars!

The next day, we took our breakfast in the beautiful open-air terrace with view to the wineries, the sea and the forests. Later on, we went to explore the large property (they even manage to have a wine cave and library), and of course we visited the old city of Monemvasia.

It such a peaceful place, we really feel far of the civilization and on the same time so close.

I wish we could have staid there longer, but I had to be in Venice within 2 days.

Monemvasia is not the typical touristic area: you will only see Greeks or a very selective clientele from abroad who comes here to enjoy one of the richest and most historical region of Greece.

Have you ever been here? How was your experience?

See you soon!


Location: Historic city of Monemvasia, and Kinsterna Hotel
Outfit: Dress Karen Millen; Sandals Massimo Dutti.

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