Praslin Island

After our amazing stay in Felicité Island, it was time to explore its neighbor and most praised Island: Praslin.

At just 20 mins flight from Mahe or 30 mins by boat from Felicité, Praslin is a much bigger island with many sumptuous beaches (such as the world famous Anse Lazio), greenery, restaurants, and with the amazing Raffles providing many beautiful villas with unbelievable views from the top of a hill to Praslin!

We were actually on our way to the Raffles when we experienced the most beautiful sunset ever! As you can see by the photo taken above (from the car in motion) we couldn’t believe how pink and purpose the sky was!

This is a very rare phenomenon by what the driver told us. In fact, during our entire stay in the Seychelles (18 days) we only saw it twice and it was always when we were on the go. This time however we could take a decent picture of this magnificent sunset.

I was positively surprised by the incredible service and food provided at the Raffles. In fact, being Vegan was never an issue here in the Seychelles.

At the Raffles, we would meet everyday our chef to tell us what he had in mind for our dinner or lunch!

The first night we tried Creole vegan dishes. We loved it so much that every night we were heading to the same restaurant to get again creole food! Creole food is the local traditional cuisine of the Seychelles, a Must-try!

Another amazing surprise was the park full of gigantic turtles set at the Raffles! We could feed them and interact with them. While in the beginning I was a bit scared, after seeing Diogo feeding them with such ease, I decided to join!

I definitely recommend, if you are going to stay at the Raffles, to get a top-hill villa with pool – as the view you get from there is totally priceless! With such a well-positioned villa, it will be very hard to leave!

Meeting Portuguese Friends in Praslin!

If there is one thing I love about traveling and having friends who love traveling too, is that we can meet during our trips around the globe without even scheduling it!

In fact, a Portuguese girlfriend living in London was precisely during our stay in Praslin in Praslin with her boyfriend! How cool is that?! We then decided to meet at the Raffles to see the Turtles and go to Anse Lazio to have lunch and spend the afternoon there.

It was not the first time we manage to meet friends in a random part of the globe who happen to be there too!

From meeting another Portuguese girlfriend living in Luxembourg on a ferry in Malta, to a French male friend in NYC during Christmas holiday, we feel really blessed to be surrounded by amazing globetrotters!

Anse Lazio

If you are in Praslin, you cannot miss Anse Lazio, the beach is not only wonderful with warm crystal clear water and white-sand, there is also a hidden bay between rocks so you can have a mini beach all by yourself that totally worth the trip!

Watching the sunset from there is another Must!

We spent the day in Anse Lazio with our Portuguese friends and it was definitely one of the best afternoon we have ever spent!

After 4 wonderful days here, it was time to head back to Mahe. I will never forget the amazing time we have spent in Praslin.

Have you ever been to Seychelles? What about Praslin Island? Let us know!

Photography: Diogo Novo
Property: Raffles Seychelles

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