Hello my dear friends! Here we are back to the Middle East but this time to Qatar with the Inflow Family!

It was a very short stay of only 3 nights but we managed to meet so many amazing people!

I met Hanan, a French expat who works at Grazia Arabia, and many locals who were extremely friendly and excited to show us their country!

The first day we had the conference at the Ritz-Carlton Doha so between networking and the summit itself we were pretty busy.

But the next day we visited the Public National Library, the Islamic National Museum, the Souq Waqif (which is below), and we went to have dinner in the middle of the desert on a fire camp with Falcons, camels, music, and Qatari women doing henna to some girls!

It was such a short stay but I truly enjoyed it nevertheless! Can’t wait to go back to Qatar very soon and spend more time to visit Doha.

Here below is a short glimpse into our walk around the traditional Souq Waqif.

Have you ever been to Qatar? I look forward to going back very soon and catch up again with new friends!

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