Welcome to the one & only Golden Gate! Welcome to San Francisco! Welcome to California!

Since I’m a little girl, I dream of visiting the pacific coast and the great state of California. 2017 is the year I turned this dream a reality. 

As part of my 2017 Wishes List, California was high on the list! To be honest, was number 1. San Francisco was actually the first city I wanted to visit.

Why San Francisco? From the concept of the freest city in USA to the hippy movement in the 60s, San Francisco was the guardian of Freedom and Innovation.I’m also working in a FinTech project (very secret one for now) and it was the perfect city to network and meet fellow entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, etc. This is the land of the biggest Tech companies on Earth after all.

My stay in San Francisco was a mix between meetings, networking, partying to sightseeing. I had the pleasure to discover the Golden Gate, Union Square, the downtown, Pier 39 and their famous soup in bread, Chinatown, assist to geek parties, and meet with the most reputed VCs in the world.

My personal Experience with San Francisco

The city itself has some downsides you have to be aware of: there is a LOT of homeless people, junkies, and weird folks around.

Be prepared to see a group of tents where people live under bridges, folks carrying their belongings in handicapped wheelchairs, others suffering day and night around the city, laying on the ground, etc.

Another “tourist alert” would be the expensive price of good organic vegetarian food (comparing with Malta).
For those who like organic, healthy, and quality, I recommend the following restaurants:

Gracias Madre in Mission Street (latino neighborhood) which is a vegetarian-only restaurant with great Mexican organic dishes (they have a commune table system, so don’t be surprise if they seat you at the same table than someone else);

Greens Restaurant located at the Fort Mason Center, near the marina with beautiful views to the Golden Gate but be prepared to spend $100 for 2 easily;

The Battery Restaurant/lounge (but you need to be a member or have a friend who is a member of the Battery to enter). Luckily I went to have dinner with one of my friend from the Bay Area who was one.

Urban Remedy – Opened from 7 Am, it’s the perfect spot for affordable breakfast or lunch all vegan.

Seed + Salt – A small charming bistro serving organic and vegan salads with fresh coconut water for around $14-$20. Opened from 8AM to 8PM.

VeganBurg – As they mention themselves, Vegan Burg is the first vegan fast-food chain. Located at 1466 Haight St San Francisco, this place makes one of best burgers in town for as low as $6!

Love N Haight Deli & Cafe – The only who stays open until 2AM, it was my savior when I went to sleep at 5PM and would woke up at midnight! The sandwiches are seriously amazing and very cheap too. It’s a vegetarian and vegan spot.

Everything close pretty early in San Francisco. Restaurants closes around 9-10PM max. so plan your dinners around 8 to 8:30PM to avoid disappointments.

Also, alcohol can only be sold and consumed until 2 AM. So don’t go to a nightclub to late or you will drink apple juice all night.

Where to stay: I staid at the iconic and historic Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, in the beginning of my stay. The hotel is seriously breathtaking, and worth a stay to fully enjoy its rich history, and wonderfully decorated rooms, lobby and public areas. Ask a room in the tower where you can get proper city and sea views, you won’t get disappointed!

Did you already visit San Francisco? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!


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