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Seychelles was on my list for so long! As you guys probably know, I love to travel to exotic Islands such as Maldives, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Santorini, Mykonos, etc.

I love Islands so much that I even live in one! Maybe I’m becoming an Island expert. 🙂

The Islands of Seychelles are considered one of the most (if not the most) photogenic in the world thanks to their incredible granite formation, so I was pretty excited about coming here and see it by myself.

While the temperatures in Seychelles are nearly the same all year long (around 25-28C), there are 2 different type of seasons: drier with more wind (June-October) or a bit more humid and less wind (rest of the year).

The green vegetation of Seychelles means you might get a short shower even in the driest month (August), but do not worry! Showers are shorts and they never last long!

We, therefore, decided to go in June for 17 days and were not disappointed! We loved it really a lot!

Our first stop was the incredible Six Senses Zil Pasyon located in a private Island called Felicité.

A bit like in the Maldives, Seychelles have some islands with only 1 resort (such as Felicité), and other bigger Islands with many properties, resorts, and hotels (such as Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe).

Felicité is located at just 20 mins from Praslin and 15 mins from La Digue. Six Senses provides a shuttle to La Digue at 9 Am and coming back at 5 PM, so you can spend the entire day in La Digue and come back after.

In order to reach Felicité, there are 2 options: either by helicopter from Mahe or by boat from Praslin.

Arrival Day

We arrived at Felicité during the golden hour giving us an incredible sky with pinky clouds. Pure bliss! We were so exhausted after the flight (which was over 10 hours!) that we decided to go straight to the villa, have dinner there and get some sleep.

The Villa

We got a sunrise villa with unobstructed views to the sea and to the magnificent granite rocks, which means the sun will rise everyday right in front of us. No need for alarms!

The villa was spacious, with an outdoor shower, bath tube, closet and a huge terrace with an infinity pool.

We got our own Personal Guest Assistant, Sam, which was making sure we would have our breakfast every day served by 8 AM in the villa, that our activities were all booked,  laundry cleaned, etc. She was beyond perfect!

The Spa & Pool

As you can see from our aerial shots, what makes Felicite Island so special is their incredible granite formation and how well they use it to create such a unique hotel in harmony with nature: the rocks were so magnificent and huge that it looked like Jurassic Park! In fact, those rocks have millions of years!

Six Senses managed to take perfect advantage of the nature surrounding them by building the pool of the Spa right on a gigantic rock formation! The result is obviously pretty unique and spectacular! I must say, this pool alone worth coming here at any time of the year!

Six Senses is also very reputed for their wellness treatments so obviously don’t forget to enjoy a therapeutic massage on the Spa or to book a Yoga Session in their wonderful outdoors! You won’t be disappointed.

The Beach & Other Activities

Hiking is another big passion of mine.

As you guys probably know, I love scuba diving, snorkeling, but I also enjoy climbing and hiking a lot.

Felicité has incredible hikes in the middle of the jungle where you can reach the very top of the Island after around 90 mins of hiking.

Start early in the morning and avoid hiking in the afternoon as it’s way too hot! We started the hike at 8 AM and finished at 10 and it was already quite warm.

For the afternoon, I would definitely recommend enjoying the many beaches the Island has to offer! We did a picnic on the beach and we were totally alone! Pure happiness!

Would I come back to Felicité Island? Honestly, in a heartbeat!Even after spending 4 nights there I feel there was so much more things we could have done!

Hopefully, we will come back one day!

Have you ever been to Six Senses Zil Pasyon or Seychelles? How was your experience?


Photography: Diogo Novo
Property: Six Senses Zil Pasyon

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