Sunset Bliss

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Sunset. There is something magical and Unique about them. As you guys already probably know, I love Sunsets. This romantic orange-red-violet light boost my happiness and confidence to say the least!Santorini and Greek Islands in general are famous for their spectacular sunset shows! But this time I’m particularly lucky as this sunset view was directly from my terrace at the Astra Suites Hotel.

It was the first time after 10 days in Santorini that I saw such beautiful sunset. Why didn’t I watch it earlier? Well simply because each time I wanted to watch one, either I wasn’t in the right orientation, or the sunset was hidden by a hill and I would have to go to somewhere else to watch it. Basically this suite was perfectly positioned to give the best sunset shows in all Santorini.

In Oia, there was a special spot to watch the sunset in the main road but it was definitely too crowded for me!

To finish this #PoolDay watching a great sunset is simply priceless.

This will be my last night before heading to Kos Island, the homeland of Hippocrates. I’m super excited about it!

Wish you all of the best!

See you soon!

XX, Melanie

Location: Astra Suites Hotel, Imerovigli

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  1. Just believe in your self you can do it , the facinating sunset can make you turn to a poete, there is nothing wrong to believe in love , i am sending you my salutation just wait for the dove!!!

  2. what’s a great when anyone give you the flower. really it’s very nice. I like just the photo, because you’re beautiful ❤ Beauty & Elegance. Love you the best Melanie ❤

  3. Emm uii c est un BN place pour se relaxer et pour se méditer ,, 😉 hé Mélanie aimes tu la philosophie?? Et quel sont tes préfères philosophes ,, Moi ui j l adore c est une matière universel ,eclaire l esprit

  4. Bonjour chère Mélanie , oui c’est merveilleux , vivre le moment intensément bravo cela restera un bon souvenir , j’espère y être un jour In cha Allah , bonne journée

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