Thermal Weekend


Hello my dear Friends! Today I’m writing from the North of Greece, more specifically in Halkidiki.

Where is it? You will think, well it’s actually located at 1 hour from Thessaloniki, the second biggest city after the capital Athens.

Following our trip to Mykonos, we took a flight to Thessaloniki in order to spend 3 nights at the only thermal spa hotel of Greece: the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort. In fact, their spa is so huge I even did a Facebook Live from there of half an hour. The view was really breathtaking!

The resort have several pools to choose from (including the one of my suite) but my favorites to chill were definitely the thermal and heated ones from their Spa.

Due of the heavy preparations for Fashion Week (Hello September!), I admit I didn’t left the hotel. But, let’s be honest, the hotel was so big that I was getting lost all the time!

I’m very glad to have discovered several corners of Greece: from Athens, to Santorini, Mykonos, to Kos, and now Halkidi. Our next stop will actually be in the very South ehehe. Can you guess where? (Instagram spoilers don’t count!).

This year as you could see, I have spent the majority of my #EuroSummer between Malta and Greece (with some back and forward to Italy of course). I’m actually working in some very exciting projects for Fall/Winter and for 2017. It has been hard to manage everything but I’m sure it’s gonna worth it!

I will be revealing some of them very soon!

Well my dears, it’s getting late here! 2 AM already! We have a flight to catch in a couple of hours for our next mysterious destination!

Have you ever been in Halkidiki or in the region? Let me know what I missed!


Location: Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Halkidiki, Greece

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