Ah Provence! The huge fields of lavender and sunflowers spreads out on miles and miles, the smells, the songs, the roads, the colors, everything here looks like made from Happiness.I’m so glad to finally walk around the lavender fields and play like a kid!

I pictured myself playing in this colorful fields for years but since the lavender has such a short season (running from late June to early August), it was hard to plan a trip that would coincide during this period of the year (as last year I spent my vacations between Italy and Greece). But finally here we are in the most beautiful fields of lavender in whole Europe!

You need to rent a car to come here as the lavender fields are really in the middle of nowhere! The closest village was the Valensole one and there is very little there (it’s a very traditional and charming one worth to visit through).

I only regret the fact we staid there only a day. I would totally recommend to stay in a “Domaine” or hotel and rent a car for at least 3-7 days to visit more as Provence is a huge region and has much more to offer!

Just for info, Provence is not anymore part of the French Riviera or Cote d’Azur since it’s further North and in the interior – far from the sea. To fully enjoy the beauty and heritage of Province, a good week of vacation there would be easier than staying in a hotel in the French Riviera.

In fact, Diogo and I drove for over 4 hours from Nice to get to Valensole and we left the hotel at 5 AM!

It was a long journey but totally worth it! Can’t wait to come back next Summer!

Have you ever been in Valensole or Provence? Let me know in the comments below!


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