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Hello my dear friends! How was your weekend?

Hope you guys had fun! From my side, I’m super excited to share my wonderful trip around Kos island who was full of surprises!

As you guys probably read in my last post, I spent 4 days in the homeland of Hippocrates and rented a car on Saturday to explore the island all day long with sunset show and dinner at the terrace of the best Greek restaurant of the Island: Taverna Oromedon!

In sum my program was really full from 8 AM to 1 AM (time I got back to the hotel) and looked something like this (feel free to DIY too if you end up visiting Kos):

Morning in Town – During the morning we visited the harbour of Kos, the ancient Agora and the Castle, as well as the current downtown full of traditional and cozy restaurants. I discovered that Kos was inhabited since the 5th Century BC, and even in Homer’s Iliad, the author mentions that a contingent of Koans fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War. The town provides amazing views to the sea and closest islands, we had a beautiful blue sky without a cloud, and the weather was really great! After our cultural visit, we had a quick lunch in one of the restaurants close to the harbour and went in direction to Asclepion, the sanctuary where Hippocrates (Father of the Modern Medicines) treated his patients.

Early Afternoon in the Temple of Asclepion – In a distance 3.5 kilom. northwest of Kos town, at the slopes of a low mount with a view at the coasts of Asia Minor, there is the monumental complex of Asclepion. This shrine was a sanctuary dedicated to the god of healing, Asclepius, and was founded in the late fourth century BC, but was enlarged and transformed to the second century AD. The Asclepion was one of the most important shrines dedicated to Asclepius. Today, is the most visited architectural site in Kos. The views you get from the top indeed worth to take a shot (or two):

File_002 (16)File_004 (6)

Late Afternoon in the Beach – After having done the “must-see” spots of Kos (the ancient Angora, Castle, downtown, harbour and the Temple of Asclepion), we headed to my favourite spot: the beach. We had to go to the North of the Island to get to the best beach called Paradise Beach. I was very happy to found out a restaurant lying down the coast with a great terrace to take my afternoon cappuccino (yes I’m a cappuccino lover and take my ritual very seriously).

Why I’m not in bikini and in the water, will you ask? Well since we would go directly from the beach to Zia Village where we will have dinner, I didn’t find appropriate to get my hair all wet (how will I dry it ?) + I didn’t bring any towel.

File_000 (56)File_000 (47)

Lemonade Stop at the Water Mill, Zia Village –  Time to get to the highest mount of the island and discover that small and charming village everyone was talking about: Zia.

This Village has something special we couldn’t explain. It was full of character houses, traditional colourful interior designs, and had the friendliest people around. We still had 30 mins before to go to the sunset show at the Taverna, so we stopped at the famous “lemonade spot”: the Water Mill.

There I met a little cat, I called him/her Kitty (yeah like Hello Kitty!) and despite the fact I was scared to death to take the little animal in my arms, I managed to do it and even to take a picture!

File_005 (4)File_000 (52)melaniemartinsFile_003 (9)

How cute do we look uh? I was scared to death to take this little Kitty (and even more of his nails). But I managed to get at least one good picture! Yuppi! Oh and I didn’t mention how everyone was staring at me like “She is afraid of a lil cat?!”.

Sunset Show and Dinner at the Taverna Oromedon – If there is one magical thing you need to do in your life is to watch a Greek sunset show like this one and from your yammy table!

Nothing was front of me or next to me to hide my view from this incredible moment. The table we got at the terrace was just perfect (advantages of being a travel blogger?)! On that moment while I was watching the sun saying goodbye one more time, I definitely understood the reasons why this village was so reputed: beauty was actually everywhere and in all things natural.

It is not an expensive place, it is not bling bling or glamorous, yet you experience the best, the authentic.

I remembered the Ancient Greeks, I bet they would come here everyday, watch the oldest show of all times. They would pray Apollo and thanks him for the Sun, and they would discuss about life, nature, Gods, and perhaps the entire Universe. They would get inspired and become artists, painters, philosophers, poets and last forever in our memories.

File_005 (3)File_001 (17)

While I’m no poet, no painter or philosopher, I still took a shot or 2. Maybe I’m simply the modern artist who see beauty in every corner, maybe I’m just the modern Greek.

I really loved to discover Kos. Hope I will have another opportunity to explore the rest of the dodecanese islands in a near future. For now, it’s time to leave and head to our next destination: Mykonos, the island that never sleeps!

See you soon my friends!

Xx, Melanie

 Locations: Kos Town; Asclepion Temple; Paradise Beach, and Zia Village.

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  1. Thank you, ahh one more thing : I had a perfect time in Greece thank to you, from now on, you will be my consultor…I’ll ask u for help me to deside my next place

  2. You often made a masterpieces . You’re beautiful and kind -hearted. I could feel it. You love Morocco. Our country is so lucky that it is being loved by your heart and seen by your brilliant eyes

  3. When we passed a very Nice time , we wish that we keep enjoying ourselves as much possibl . Personnaly , after passing a good time i suppose facing a diffucult moment , so i was ready for the worst thing XD XD .Besides happiness is something that we will never get it , we ‘re just walking for it . For a lot of philosophers, happiness doesn’t existing , Human just have illusion of happiness and he think that he is happy but hé”s not .
    Creation of happiness could be making from people that we love them , or sometimes when you have face a hard problème and you solve it , you feel very very happy 😉 Hh is that mean that problème drive US to happiness xd¿ It could be 🙂
    So Saint-Melanie passe a good time 😉

  4. Beautiful Melanie besite the beautiful flowers and locations, you always make very interesting articles! I liked so much these photos! Welcome back Melanie to Morocco <3 Love u the best Melanie <3 <3

  5. That s what i am talking about a civil dress , and a beautiful christian lady , spending a nice holiday in greece , it s the usual melanie that i love to keep in touch with her!!!

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