There is nothing better than changing environment from the busy city life of Moscow to the relaxed island life! I’m so happy to be back to Mykonos – my favorite Island in Greece (ok… Along with Santorini)!For some, Mykonos is synonym with crazy parties, drinking tones of alcohol, and sleep until 2PM due of the hangover from last night. For others like me, Mykonos (like Ibiza) can be a place to chill, get distressed, and relax away from the crowd.

I went back to my favorite place in the Island: Cavo Tagoo. Some friends from Moscow actually loved my IG photos so much that they booked a stay in this hotel just 3 weeks after.

Cavo Tagoo has became my home away from home when I head to Mykonos, from the lovely breakfast delivered to my villa every morning, to the incredible vibe around the main pool and bar area, this place represents what Mykonos is all about! There is no words to express it, you need to get there and see/feel it!

3 days was a bit too short for Mykonos. Next time I will definitely spend at least a week or 10 days there! People don’t believe me when I tell them there is no way someone gets bored in Mykonos! There is so many beach lounges and restaurants, and so many pool parties, I mean… there is always a lot going on!

Since Cavo Tagoo is located just at 20mins walk from the little Venice (Mykonos town), Diogo and I opted to get our lunches and dinners there and explore one more time its white and blue streets rather taking a cab to go further (last year we went to Scorpios for lunch which is a 20mins ride).

If you are vegan, I would totally recommend Nice n Easy restaurant in little Venice – they have awesome food, great service and the best view to the sunset!

The sunsets are wonderful here in Mykonos even more from our lovely villa and bathroom.

Time to leave and spend 3 more days in Athens before coming back to Malta for another week with Diogo’s family.

Have you ever been to Mykonos? Where do you usually go? If you have never been, don’t forget to read my first stay in Mykonos here.


Photography: Diogo Novo
Where I staid: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

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