Welcome To the Jungle!


And here we are my friends! Finally a new post made in US!

Indeed, my very first posts were about Miami Beach back in April 2015 (do you remember my very first post?). It was during my trip to Miami and to the Caribbean Islands that I finally decided to take professional pictures and start my personal diary that became this blog.

US is a fascinating country. While Florida is the sunny state, perfect to chill, take vacations, and live once retired, Manhattan/NYC is the precise opposite: is a total Jungle!


I’m not here to relax or take vacations, nope! I’m actually here for the NYFW. My very first Fashion Week ever!

Yes, this is one of the projects I have been preparing during summer: the fashion weeks. Actually the fashion month is not only about assisting to shows. It’s really much more than that! It’s about getting into a very closed industry, make contacts, and build a network.

I started this blog one year ago (one year and a half if we count the 6 months that I have been absent), and one of my goals was actually to assist my very first runway shows + others invitation-only events once my blog/social media channels would have completed precisely 1 year old.

So here I’m in NYC, just 2 days after the Vanity Fair dinner in Venice, Italy (I did several Insta-stories and Snaps at MelanieBlog about the event. Hope you guys liked!).

Yep! 9 hours of flight later, I was in the jungle!

My first NYFW experience started completely chaotic!

I had my very first show at 5PM.


The flight arrived at 1 PM, so I thought (dreamed) I would have plenty of time to pass by the hotel, leave the luggage, take a shower, then head to the hair stylist, following by a showroom to get dressed and finally to the show.

Obviously not! I only arrived at the hotel precisely when the show was starting! Oh great! My very first show of my very first Fashion Week is starting and I’m doing the check-in at the Baccarat hotel.

I missed it. Invited at the front row and I missed it. Oh well! More surprises (good and bad) were about to come!

I had the Maybelline party starting at 9PM, which made me smile again!

This drama, my friends, is all about what New York Fashion Week is. And it was only the beginning!


Location: Times Square, Central Park, and somewhere else in Manhattan, NYC

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