I have been dreaming to go to Zaya Aurai Island for so long!

Since I read about this Island project in Abu Dhabi when I was just 15 years old, I couldn’t wait to go!

Nearly 9 year later here I am, thanks to Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture!

Visiting Zaya Nurai Island is like a dream come true.The Island located at 15mins boat from Abu Dhabi featuring villas-only property, has been on my bucket list since the day I read about the concept. back when I was 15.

The villa was exactly like how I imagined: spacious, modern, and with an amazing pool with sea view!

We finally did our very first drone video around the villa. Feel free to take a look here!

Dining under the stars with Diogo was a wonderful experience! I wish we would do it more often! I realized with all the travels we have been doing, we rarely got to do a private dinner under the stars.

Here in the UAE we had the opportunity to do it many times!

You don’t get bored at all in Zaya Nurai Island, actually, I wish we could have stayed longer!

There was so much things to do! From jet-skiing, sailing, to kayaking, we didn’t stop!

We also tried the surf pool. This was so cool! It was the very first time we tried a surf pool where you could actually surf, and after 15 mins, Diogo was like a pro (from my side I did bodyboard).

Have you ever been to Abu Dhabi or Zaya Nurai Island? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography: Diogo Novo
Where I’m staying: Zaya Nurai Island

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