Van den Bosch Series (1, 2, 3 & 4 Signed Books) + 2 Bookmarks – Melanie Martins
Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks - Melanie Martins
Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks - Melanie Martins
Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks - Melanie Martins
Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks - Melanie Martins
Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks - Melanie Martins

Van den Bosch: Books 1-6 + 3 bookmarks

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If you love steamy forbidden romance, then this is the perfect gift for you and your bookish friends! Enjoy a wonderful Box Set with a total of 6 signed paperbacks (3 duets following 3 different couples) + 3 bookmarks. 


Duet 1: Roxanne. & Andries.


Embark in a new spicy and forbidden romance between the young heir to a powerful, noble family and a much older woman filled with nothing but secrets.


“She's the only one I want... But all she's ever been is a lie.” - Andries


I still remember the day she first said her name. Her voice was nothing like I’d ever heard before––velvet, fine-grained, and smooth. There was something magnetic about it. It was terribly inviting. And deeply alluring.


My name’s Andries. I’m a closeted poet, an incurable romantic, and the oldest son of Sebastian & Julia van den Bosch––Dutch nobles who’d rather see me take over the family business and all the responsibilities that it entails rather than pursue a career in writing.


In the hopes of preparing myself for the task, I left the secluded family estate in the countryside to experience the thrilling life of a one-bedroom in the city center of Amsterdam to study business management. Though it’s not business that kept me in Amsterdam…

It’s her: Roxanne.


Duet 2: Elise. & Dan.


"Of all the women in the world, why did I have to fall for her?" - Dan

Elise van den Bosch. 
She’s calculated, cold, ambitious, and manipulative. To summarize, she's the perfect Van den Bosch and is the precise opposite of her older brother, Andries, who just so happens to be my best friend.


The day I first laid eyes on her I knew I was in trouble, but it was also the day my best friend made me swear to never look at her in that way again.


Years later, the impact she has had on me hasn’t changed, I've just gotten better at living with it.


After all, Elise is the only woman I can ever have. She’s my best friend’s sister and she must remain that way for the sake of our friendship.


Even when I know I don’t leave her indifferent either, I owe him to keep my oath.


Or do I?


Duet 3: Julia. & Sebastian.

“My wife’s loyalty was absolute. Or so I thought...” - Sebastian

The instant I locked eyes with Julia van Dieren, it was as if the universe conspired to halt time.

A profound pull I'd never felt before overtook me, more than just attraction or fascination. It was as if my soul, dormant for so long, had been stirred by a melody only she could invoke.

While Julia became my solace, her mother, the formidable Margaret van Dieren, became determined to put an end to it. With every disapproving glance and hushed whisper, she wove a web of dissent, aiming to tear us apart.

Yet, nothing could prepare me for the heart-wrenching blow that fate had in store. A tragedy, unforeseen and devastating, descended upon us, shaking the very foundations of my world.

In a room echoing with tales of all sorts, our own story began—a tale of hopeful beginnings, tested by adversity, only to be irrevocably altered by a cruel twist of fate I might never recover from.