ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Melanie Martins



Melanie Martins is a digital entrepreneur, travel influencer, and author.

 As an author, she published her first novel "Blossom in Winter" in March 2020. The forbidden romance became the #1 national besteller in her country of residence, Malta and was featured in MaltaToday, Times of Malta, LovinMalta, Thrive Global, Medium, and on National TV. The controversial novel has been labeled by some as "wrong", "immoral", and by others as a "masterpiece", "phenomenal" and a "must-read" creating a dedicated, loyal fan base of lovers and haters.

When she is not behind her laptop writing, she can be found globetrotting, reading, daydreaming, and sharing her adventures on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Born in France and raised in Portugal, she lived five years in Malta. From 2021, she is now residing in Mexico.

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