Limited Edition: Julia. + Sebastian. (signed copies) + bookmark – Melanie Martins
Limited Edition: Julia. + Sebastian. (signed copies) + bookmark - Melanie Martins

Limited Edition: Julia. + Sebastian. (signed copies) + bookmark

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This bundle is a pre-order and you will receive digitally signed paperbacks. The release date is set for 11.24.23.

“My wife’s loyalty was absolute. Or so I thought…” - Sebastian

The instant I locked eyes with Julia van Dieren, it was as if the universe conspired to halt time.

A profound pull I'd never felt before overtook me, more than just attraction or fascination. It was as if my soul, dormant for so long, had been stirred by a melody only she could invoke.

While Julia became my solace, her mother, the formidable Margaret van Dieren, became determined to put an end to it. With every disapproving glance and hushed whisper, she wove a web of dissent, aiming to tear us apart.

Yet, nothing could prepare me for the heart-wrenching blow that fate had in store. A tragedy, unforeseen and devastating, descended upon us, shaking the very foundations of my world.

In a room echoing with tales of all sorts, our own story began—a tale of hopeful beginnings, tested by adversity, only to be irrevocably altered by a cruel twist of fate I might never recover from.


The Van den Bosches. 

You know their name. 

You know what they are capable of.

But you don’t know their story. 

As one of the oldest noble families in the Netherlands, they are especially talented at hiding their darkest secrets to maintain a perfect reputation, at least within the eye of the public.

You might already know of Julia and Sebastian from the Blossom in Winter series, but you don't know their story or of their oldest children, Andries, Elise, and Hannah.

This series will begin with the heart-wrenching story of Andries as he falls in love with a much older, ruthless businesswoman--Roxanne, and ends with the mysterious Hannah as she struggles with her feelings for a man that used to love her oldest sister, Elise.

All I can say is to expect the unexpected because this series is like nothing I have ever written before!