Roxanne. (Van den Bosch Book 1) + bookmark – Melanie Martins
Roxanne. (Van den Bosch Book 1) - Melanie Martins

Roxanne. (Van den Bosch Book 1) + bookmark

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 “She's the only one I want... But all she's ever been is a lie.” - Andries


I still remember the day she first said her name. Her voice was nothing like I’d ever heard before––velvet, fine-grained, and smooth. There was something magnetic about it. It was terribly inviting. And deeply alluring.


My name’s Andries. I’m a closeted poet, an incurable romantic, and the oldest son of Sebastian & Julia Van Den Bosch––Dutch nobles who’d rather see me take over the family business and all the responsibilities that it entails rather than pursue a career in writing.


In the hopes of preparing myself for the task, I left the secluded family estate in the countryside to experience the thrilling life of a one-bedroom in the city center of Amsterdam to study business management. Though it’s not business that kept me in Amsterdam…

It’s her: Roxanne.